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Marius Carlos, Jr.

Senior Journalist

Marius is a multi-awarded journalist, author, and co-authored multiple Web and print publications locally and internationally. His stories features center on urban life, social issues, and politics. His works have appeared in Playboy, the Philippines Graphic, Manila Times, Sunday Times Magazine, Business Mirror, and more. When he is not writing professionally, Marius engages in political, social activism and is a staunch advocate of indigenous peoples rights, social justice, and transparency in government.

The World’s Toilet Problem

Having access to water and toilets – is actually a human right. November 19 is World Toilet Day, and on this day, we pause and contemplate the fact that clean water and sanitation remains a pipe dream for billions of people around the world.

The Essex Tragedy and the Migrant Gamble

Not even the risk of death could deter Asia’s migrants from seeking a better life abroad. The British police continue to investigate the 39 illegal Migrants deaths associated with the refrigerated truck tragedy that occurred in Grays, Essex, in southeast England.

The Dark Side of Thailand: Part II

Beyond the Thailand’s necessary façade to make the country look more open and welcoming to the rest of the world are the cracks and crevices where the dark and unspoken aspects of Thai culture are largely hidden from view.

Malaysia: Asia’s Hottest Transit Hub for Drug Mules

Since 2013, an estimated 425 Malaysian drug mules are detained globally in 19 different countries. Singapore has the largest chunk of arrests, with 175 Malaysian drug mules arrested since 2013. Next in the list is Thailand with 49, Australia with 34, and 21 for Japan.