Tan Mujiang: China’s Luxury Brand for Handcrafted Hair Brushes & Combs

Jun 23, 2020 | BEAUTY, BIZ, China, Japan

With more than 1,500 branches worldwide, there’s no denying Tan Mujiang is pushing for the next frontier in the haircare world.  The luxury brand for Chinese hairbrushes is here to stay.

Since its launch in 1996, Tan Mujiang has inspired thousands of women to take care of their crowning glory. The Chongqing-based company offers de-tanglers made from luxurious non-plastic materials.

About Tan Mujiang

Tan Mujiang is a testament to the importance of hair care in Chinese history. Since ancient times, massaging the scalp with a brush has been believed to enhance health and beauty. It’s also an integral part of practices such as gua sha therapy. Their products focus on handcrafted Wood with anti-static quality feature.

The company offers its customers over 2,000 types of combs and brushes, and aims to let people know the importance of taking care of follicle health with the health-healing properties of wood. Although the company has a lot of comb types, only limited pieces make it overseas. For example, its flagship store in Canada only boasts a smaller selection of 300 hairbrushes and combs. 

Tan Mujiang - Product Line

As expected, the combs are not only great for the hair, but also beautiful to look at. With hand-painted and engraved designs, smooth lines, rich colors, and pristine textures, Tan Mujiang combs scream opulence made with natural materials.  It even comes in a red lacquer box. 

The prices of combs range from as little as $30. However, hand-engraved combs made from ebony sandalwood will set you back by $500.

Japan Opening

Last April, the brand opened its first-ever store in Japan. Now, people can finally get their fill of these Chinese handicrafts made from natural materials. The brand is also hoping to expand with more franchisees and promise to give entrepreneurs comprehensive support, including location selection, store decoration, marketing demonstration, and personnel training, among others.

An Investment You Won’t Regret

While it’s challenging to see the value of any combs at first glance, traditionally Chinese luxury brand is more muted in marketing, but Tan Mujiang seems to be making a major international push. It is also worth taking note of Mujian’s quality rivals with iconic British maker Mason Pearson. It promises its customers lifetime warranty and unlimited tooth replacements. This is especially helpful for individuals who want to say goodbye to replacing their hairbrushes every few months or so. 

Tan Mujian has multiple international outlets such as New York City in the US and Scarborough, Canada. It may be hard to visit Tan Mujiang stores during this pandemic. Thankfully, you can still get your own beautiful brush through its online store.