This LED Mask May Solve All Your Skin Problems

Mar 23, 2020 | BEAUTY, BIZ, Korea, STYLE

CELLRETURN’s brand model, actor Lee Min-ho. Source: CELLRETURN

Korean beauty products are truly taking over the scene, and there’s one product that stands out among the rest – LED masks. Leading health and beauty brand Cellreturn is leading the pack with its convenient and ultra-effective products you can use at home. 

How many times do you visit your aesthetician and dermatologist per month? You may not think about it much but if you pile up the cost, you can probably build your facial center. This is why every beauty addict should have Cellreturn to enjoy professional-level skincare at the comfort of their own home.

What is It?

The LED-based beauty device, also called LED Mask, has hundreds of bulbs that generate red wavelengths, blue wavelengths, and near-infrared light. It can equally radiate LED lights on your face to solve your skincare issues which include dead skill cell reduction, skin pore improvement, and skin soothing in just a matter of minutes. Considering the growing influence of the South Korean beauty market to the rest of the world, it’s no wonder why the LED mask has spread in many countries beyond its border.  

LED face masks are so effective it has become a constant product in the beauty regimen of the top celebrities including Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and even Kourtney Kardashian. Although you’ll look like a crossover between Iron Man and Hannibal Lecter for 20 minutes, the results will be worth it. 

Since an average person cannot afford plastic surgeries, this LED mask gives a solution to reverse the signs of aging and skin damage within your budget. By taking years off of your appearance and erasing discoloration and wrinkles, you can be more confident in your skin. 

How Cellreturn LED Mask Works

The secret of this sought-after product lies in its acronym. The light-emitting diodes are absorbed by your skin and are transformed into ATP. This kickstarts the metabolic process and quickens the regeneration and repair of cells.  

“LED treatments were primarily available at dermatology clinics. But thanks to technological advancements and beauty-conscious consumers, we were able to develop LED masks that can be used at home,” said Cellreturn Chairman Kim Il-soo in an interview with The Korea Times, adding that he applied the same mechanism to LED masks so it can penetrate different levels of the skin.  

Aside from skin aging, it can also reduce skin disorders like rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema, decrease sunspots, eliminate bacteria that cause acne, increase immune health, and balance your skin’s oil production with no downtime at all.  

This non-invasive mask also produces collagen and elastic fibers. It can be used before or after a night out to ensure you look fresh without having to go to the dermatologist. 

A New Face

Cellreturn has tapped one of the most popular actors from South Korea to be its newest face. Lee Min Ho rose to fame after he played Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers and continued to make headlines in romantic and action dramas, as well as his singing career. With his sophisticated image, it’s no wonder why Cellreturn got him to represent the brand.  

The 32-year-old actor is set “expand the LED mask’s recognition not only in domestic markets but also in international markets, and to strengthen their position among men who actively invest in taking care of their looks,” according to the company.

“Lee Min Ho is an unrivaled global star as he was chosen as the Korean actor most favored in all over Asia areas, according to the ‘2019 Global Hallyu Report’ conducted by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange,” Cellreturn added. 

The actor now joins other top-tier celebrity endorsers Park Seo Joon from Hwarang: The Poet Warrior, and Kang So Ra from Revolutionary Love. 

Cellreturn Goes Global

The world’s appetite for home devices made in Korea is truly growing. Now, the company exports to 11 countries which include UAE, U.S. Japan, and China, among many others. Soon, first-class passengers at Singapore Airlines can even experience its wonders.  

As more people crave for affordable and time-saving options that will serve as an alternative to expensive dermatology visits, Cellreturn is expected to become a global phenomenon. You can order the Premium LED Mask with 690 LEDs on Cellreturn’s website. It costs $1,740.  The website also offers international shipping.