Amazing Online Experience You Should Try Right Now

Jul 2, 2020 | AA, BIZ, China, ESCAPE, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, TASTE, US

Of all things you expected to do this year, knowing how to cook xiao long bao on Zoom probably isn’t one of them. This strange time may have postponed all your travel plans indefinitely but that doesn’t mean you should put a halt to all your adventures.

The pandemic has forced international travel to take a backseat, but if your adventurous spirit is itching to explore the world, Airbnb has got you covered. The brand has launched online experiences that enable you to connect with hosts that offer various talents and skills around Asia. Just make sure to book your slot early because these lessons only cater to a limited number of attendees. 

On the Trail of the Crazy Rich Asians

Loved Crazy Rich Asians? This virtual tour will let you step in the shoes of none other than Rachel and Nick. In this photo, map, and video tour, you will learn some insider secrets about the hit movie, and find out what the real-life vs. reel life was actually like. You’ll get to find out which scenes were shot in Singapore, and if locals really live like royalty. 

There’s even a bonus experience you wouldn’t want to miss – a deleted scene in the film which features an iconic dish from Singapore. The best part? You’ll be granted an insider tip from a local on what you should do and where you should eat when you can finally set foot in the Lion City.

Airbnb Experience - Crazy Rich Asian

Easy Balinese Vegetarian Home Cooking

Indonesian food is so underrated, and if you’ve ever visited a Warung, you know what we are talking about. 

In this must-attend online class, you’ll get to learn how to whip up some of the most delicious and heartwarming Balinese dishes such as Perkedel Jagung or corn fritters, Gado Gado or vegetables topped with yummy peanut sauce, and of course, the iconic Nasi Goreng or Balinese fried rice. You can use your newfound knowledge to surprise friends and family with an authentic Indonesian dinner without spending thousands on plane tickets. 

Airbnb Experience Easy Balinese Cooking

Online Experience Hostel by Take a Chef

There’s just something irresistible about Korean food, and if you’re interested in learning how to cook some Korean dishes, this virtual masterclass by Chef Jun Lee of Michelin-star restaurant Soigne will be your favorite. Here, the prolific chef will showcase his expertise in traditional Korean dishes.

Prepare to be taught how to prepare foods such as the mouth-watering pork dish, and mountain herb pasta. These may seem hard to do but through traditional Korean techniques, you’ll be surprised at how easy you can recreate these dishes. At the end of the lesson, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to the heart of Seoul. 

Take a Chef - Airbnb Chef Jun Lee

Online Experience by Edson Yamashita

In this hour-long lesson directed by renowned Michelin Star chef Edson Yamashita, you will be delighted with an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will make you realize food can satisfy all your senses. Here, Chef Yamashita will showcase the best of Japanese cooking and how to perfectly balance the flavors, texture, and even colors of Japanese dishes you’ve grown to love. 

With this class, you will know the secret into achieving the pinnacle of taste – umami, which gives every food an inimitable touch. This online course will also let you in on how chef Yamashita transported Japanese cuisine to Brazil. 

Take a Chef - Airbnb Chef Edson Yama

One-Pot Deliciousness with David Chang

It’s impossible to discuss Asian dishes without mentioning multi-hyphenated personality David Chang. This chef, host, author, and visionary only accommodates up to ten guests on July 23 and July 29. 

Just like others, the chef has been spending time with his family this quarantine, and this time has inspired him to find ways to figure out how to feed multiple people easily with limited pantry essentials. This course that centers on one-pot dishes made with accessible ingredients will make even the most clueless cook like a master in the kitchen. 

Airbnb Experience - David Chang

Have Fun Making & Eating Soup Dumplings

Ah, soupy xiao long bao  – there’s nothing more comforting than this Shanghainese dish. In this course, you’ll learn how to make it from scratch. Yes, you read that right – no store-bought dumplings. 

A dedicated chef will teach you everything from kneading the dough, rolling the wrappers, and pinching the dumplings by hand. Most importantly, you’ll find out how to make the delectable dipping sauce that will take the dumplings to the next level.