Top Wineries to Visit on Your Next Trip to Asia

Sep 8, 2020 | Asia, ESCAPE, India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, TASTE, Thailand

Winery Tour ©Chateau Mercian, Japan

Considering the sun, terrain type, and climate in Asia, it’s a wonder why it’s not considered a must-visit for wine lovers. 

When you travel to Asia, your mind may go straight to beaches, mountains, and street food. However, there’s one more thing that should be added on your list – wineries. Simply let go of your favorite European or Napa Valley wines for the moment because Asia’s offers will blow your mind away. Here’s where to start. 

Aythaya Vineyard


Nestled in the quiet town of its namesake near the capital of Shan State lies the first vineyard of Myanmar, and it’s even more charming than you expect it to be. Since 1999, the vineyard has been hosting daily tastings, private events, and wine tours. This spot also offers huge bungalows with terraces where you can spend the night drinking your favorite wine. When visiting this spot, make sure not to miss the Aythaya Rosé and the Aythaya Red which is a delectable Shiraz, Tempranillo, and Dornfelder blend. 

Hatten Wines


A family-owned business in Bali, this 45-hectare winery located on the northern coast of the island is an interesting way to get to know the culture of Indonesia through Balinese grapes. This establishment has been serving people great wine since 1994. While they have a wealthy selection of drinks, their rosé wines are the most famous. Just make sure you have a spicy dish to pair it with to complete your experience. Hatten Wines was awarded by the Asian Wine Review as the 2017 Winery of the Year. 



Located near the Khao Yai National Park around 160 miles outside of Bangkok, GranMonte used to be home to cashew nuts and cornfields before it was turned into a vineyard. Considered as one of Thailand’s best, this vineyard hosts a harvest festival every February. If you want to get the best experience, make sure to book a night or two in its guest house. Don’t miss out on trying the delicious food at its restaurant VinCotto, which also offers a five-course menu with wine pairings. 

Château Mercian


Offering a wide range of tours for wine lovers who are interested in the history of Japanese wine, its fermentation process, and grape cultivation, Château Mercian located in the Yamanashi Prefecture is a destination worth checking out. As the country’s leading winery, named on of the best in Asia. Their top-quality wines, especially Merlot, can be enjoyed on its own, but it also pairs well with dishes served in their café. This winery is also great to visit if you are traveling with your friends or family since they provide scenic winery tours. 

Grover Zampa Vineyards


Travel and wine should always be paired. When visiting India, make sure to stop by Grover Zampa Vineyards, a family business that started in 1988. This vineyard focuses on premium wines, and its La Reserve brand of oak matured Shiraz reds and Cabernet Sauvignon are just some of the bottles you should try as you explore its barrel rooms. This establishment is protected by the terraced slopes of Nashik and Nandi Hills, which makes its climate and soil perfect for wine growing. 

Exploring Asian Wine Made Easier

While the region may be the last thing on your mind when thinking of your favorite vino, there is a wide range of wineries in Asia that can compete with the highest level wineries across the globe. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of rosé in Thailand, or indulge in Japanese Merlot, you’ll gain insight into the steady growth of wine culture in Asia through these wineries.