Peggy Gou: DJ and Fashion Icon is Taking Over

Jul 4, 2019 | Korea, Pop, Style

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While the rest of the world is going crazy over k-pop stars, a Korean DJ, producer, and fashion icon is taking center stage 

Far from the pastel pink outfits of Korean pop stars, DJ Peggy Gou’s streetwear and hypnotic beats are taking over the underground global music scene.

Peggy Gou is a producer and DJ based in Berlin who has cemented her status in Asia, North America, and Europe. From acid to Chicago house, her seamless blending of diverse tracks is truly one to watch.

The Korean-born musician is known for her energetic taste, which is evident as she explores different music genres. According to her, she wants every EP to be unique and distinct.

After she moved and made waves in underground circles, she developed a unique style of playing music and producing tracks. Peggy Gou released four EPs in 2016 which includes her debut, Seek for Maktoop. The next year, she played more than a hundred gigs. In April this year, she released her newest EP entitled Moment.

The sought-after musician moved to London from Incheon when she was just 14 years old. She was already interested in music. However, her first love was fashion. Her knowledge even intensified as she studied style and media at London College of Fashion in hopes to become a designer.

Peggy Gou gave initially thought fashion was not her calling. Although she had fun styling herself, styling others was simply not her forte. When she realized that her true passion lies in music, she moved to the vibrant city of Berlin where techno music is widely celebrated.

Peggy Gou’s Love for Fashion

In an interview with Vogue, the DJ said that she is usually a streetwear girl. However, she loves wearing different styles. Some of her usual staples as Miu Miu fur hats, vibrant-colored baggy pants, and her usual sneakers.

“In the beginning, I thought that in order to look serious in the music industry I shouldn’t dress up too much, but then I realized I wasn’t happy,” she said, adding that her fashion and how she dresses up is also part of her image and reflects who she is.

The multi-hyphenated artist recently rekindled her love for fashion as she launched her own fashion line called Kirin, which means giraffe in Korean. According to Peggy Gou, giraffe is her spirit animal and is “a graceful counterpoint to the intensity of daily life.”

With close to a million followers on Instagram, the jet setting DJ got the attention of the New Guards Group. The luxe-wear brand behind Marcelo Burlon, Palm Angels, Off-White, and Heron Preston is heading the production and distribution of her brand.

“This was very important as I have a full-time job as a DJ and producer. So even though I always thought about starting a brand, I just didn’t have enough time to think about putting a team together, learn about the production or the whole process behind a fashion label,” said Peggy Gou in an interview with Highsnobiety.

The well-received womenswear line is proof that the music icon is ready to make waves not only in the club scene. It draws inspiration from her personal style as it combines key elements of color blocking, mixed with pop culture graphics, and even Korean mythological motifs. 

According to the DJ, she feels confident whenever she likes what she is wearing.  Aside from the eye-catching bright faux fur hats, the twisted gun design made by Jae Huh is also worth noting. The gun sends a message of nonviolence to the consumers.  With her sense of humor and unapologetic attitude, the main draw behind her brand – it is made to make everyone feel ready to take on the world. 

Peggy Gou: DJ and Fashion Icon is Taking Over

While the rest of the world is going crazy over k-pop stars, a Korean DJ, producer, and fashion icon is taking center stage

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