An Iconic Tribute: FACETASM Collaborates x Coca-Cola

Jun 25, 2019 | Japan, POP, SHOP, STYLE

Artistic expression is what these two do best

Facetasm is a Tokyo-based brand founded by designer Hiromichi Ochiai in 2007 and it has come a long way in its pursuit for refined streetwear fashion. The brand is centered on the mission to ‘express the air of Tokyo street culture in a free and fun way’ while illustrating a diversification of different perspectives. The Facetasm collection is best known for their splashes of color, playful prints and designs, and best of all, their eccentric, gender-less freeform clothing. 

The brand’s name comes from the word ‘facet’, meaning many faces. This is a shining representation of Facetasm as a trend that displays various styles that evoke different emotions. Hiromichi gets most of his motivation and influence from Japan’s youth culture, an avant-garde aesthetic with a flair that keeps you hip and forever young. It may sound simple, but it’s anything but that. 

The clothing designs are tailored with complex layering to create a sophisticated outline with a touch of fun, solid colors. The accessories are bold and inviting. The collection greatly appeals to an urban demographic with diverse stretches to other facets of style and people.

Hiromichi has a single goal in mind: move people’s hearts. Style does not have to be complicated to be polished and appreciated. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and rejoicing in the free world as young and independent individuals.

An Exciting Collection Awaits:

After owning the show at Paris Fashion Week, Facetasm released thrilling news of a new partnership in the works. They will be collaborating with a famous, international giant that shares the same ideologies and concepts rooted in its boundless need for fun and spirit. Give up? It’s Coca-Cola. 

Coca-Cola is an iconic representation of pop culture and youth and it is littered along the streets of Tokyo. Hiromichi decided to pay a visit to the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta and was immediately inspired by the workers’ wardrobes. Instantly, he saw a vision of historic and vintage workwear from the assimilation of the two brands.

The duo makes way for a vast array of vintage designs, graphic t-shirts, quilted sweaters and beanies and patchy jerseys— a plentitude of garments sporting the old and outdated (but classic) Coca-Cola logo. Hiromichi has a fondness for perfect imperfections with a little roughness around the edges, a penchant that plays well with Coca-Cola’s identity as a brand. According to Kate Dwyer, head of Coke Fashion, in a press release: 

“The collaboration between Facetasm and Coke is unique in that it speaks across genres.”

“Fashion provides the perfect outlet for us to expand our reach by creating new and unexpected ways for consumers to connect with our brand. We’re very excited to have partnered with Hiromichi to bring the Facetasm collaboration to life. Working with him and other designers who share our values of authenticity, individuality and inclusion gives our brand a bit of credibility and relevance with those audiences.”

Hiromichi is a self-proclaimed lover of Coca-Cola and everything it stands for. When he approached the popular brand in the hopes of a friendly partnership, Coca-Cola was endeared by his optimism, playful expression and inclusivity. Facetasm has a signature style that is rooted in its director’s passion and love for the brand. And that is something that resonates with Coca-Cola all too well.