Top Asian Beauty Gurus You should Subscribe to on YouTube

Jan 27, 2020 | AA, BEAUTY, China, Korea, Philippines, STYLE, US, Vietnam

Michelle Phan

The best and fastest way to learn makeup trends is through YouTube. Asian beauty vloggers on the platform are on the rise, here are some of the favorites to check out.

Years ago, it was immensely hard to find Asian beauty vloggers on YouTube that had monolid eyes, tanned skinned, or dark hair. Thankfully, this industry riddled with mostly Western gurus has diversified to cater to the Asian market. This increasing representation is posing a change in the beauty industry. Get to know the top Asian beauty Gurus on YouTube that are claiming the spotlight.

Michelle Phan

The beauty YouTuber that started it all – Michelle Phan is YouTube’s OG beauty guru. The YouTuber turned businesswomen was catapulted into fame after recreating Lady Gaga and Barbie transformation videos.

After taking a long break on YouTube, The Vietnamese beauty has finally come back to her much-beloved passion. Her 8 million subscribers are now loving her modern videos that show her personality more.   

This time, she is focusing on her business, Em Cosmetics, which is a brand that provides easy to use make-up to achieve a natural glow. Don’t worry, Michelle hasn’t forgotten her roots and has even recently uploaded a Halloween-inspired make up tutorial.

Patrick Starr

Filipino-American Patrick Simondae, or Patrick Starr started his YouTube career back in 2013. Now, his career has allowed him to do several collaborations with mammoth makeup brand MAC – a dream come true since he used to work for the company back in college.

His 4.5 million subscribers love his makeup and skincare videos on YouTube. The YouTuber is also helping to increase LGBT awareness. In fact, a teenage girl thanked him once for serving as her inspiration to come out as bisexual. Patrick is also known for tapping A-listers including Naomi Campbell in his videos, proving that his market is as versatile as his makeup looks.

Michelle Dy

This Filipina YouTuber is known for using local makeup brands and catering to Filipinas. Despite her undeniably relatable and quirky videos, she has also had her fair share of controversies when she was involved in a feud with beauty vlogger superstar Jeffree Star. 

Dy has over 2 million subscribers, and rose to fame after doing hilarious makeup tutorials, budget finds, and even mukbangs. She also recently launched her beauty brand, Michelle Dy Basics.

Jenn Im

Korean vlogger Jenn Im is YouTube’s ultimate sweetheart. The guru has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube and prides herself on her Instagram-worthy style, and makeup strategies. Her videos are famous for great editing and good music choice. However, there’s nothing that stands out more than her close relationship with her fans. 

“Our relationship, it’s a close one. I try to be as engaged as possible. I respond to their comments. I highlight their questions in my series. I’ll actually give them credit and fashion advice,” she shared with Elle

The beauty guru also loves sharing her skincare secrets, which is as expected, Korean-inspired. Without question, she’s one of the coolest Asian YouTubers today.

Stephanie Villa

Spanish-Chinese beauty guru Stephanie Villa, also known as Soothing Sista, is finally gaining global attention because of her badass mentality and incredible sense of style. She sports tons of tattoos and encourages her followers to feel motivated and confident. 

Villa wasn’t always this way. She admits that when she was younger, she struggled so hard with insecurity. However, it helped her become the strong woman that she is today. This inspired her to center her platform not only on beauty but also on female-forward activism. She also keeps herself busy by producing Sex Smarts, a new series that focuses on topics related to sex.

Rising Asians

Not many people understand how important representation is both online and offline. Fortunately, young Asians can finally go on YouTube and see influencers who look like them. Numbers of vloggers are rapidly increasing in the world of Asian beauty on YouTube, check back for updated list and don’t forget to hit subscribe to their channels.