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Editorial Team

Arvin Donguines

News Journalist

Father of one and a passionate writer who has been in the business for almost a decade.  Arvin is an experienced news reporter who has covered a plethora of topics ranging from mundane to extraordinary breaking news.  He previously wrote for Business Times China. Every word he types reflect his passion to create stories that are engaging and thought-provoking.  He hopes to put some positive energy into this crazy world we live in.

MJ Toledo C

Travel & Heritage

An avid surfer with a passion for Travel and History, MJ specializes in Travel news and cultural guides to help others explore and learn about Asia. She graduated with a Mass Communication degree from Ateneo de Davao University and has also worked as a TV anchor for PTV. She has previously written for Tech Times, Traveler’s Today, and other local newspapers.  Find her plotting for the big waves on the beach when she is not writing.

Kari Amarnani

East Asia Desk

Kari is a full-blooded Indian citizen fascinated with the multiplicities of culture. A foreigner in her own home, she keeps a foot in several heritages upholding awareness in the different facets of the world. She is taking up International Affairs, though writing remains to be her one true passion in life. She is currently getting the best of both worlds as an East Asia correspondent. This is, of course, when she is not too busy napping or over-eating.

Marius Carlos, Jr.

Senior Journalist

Marius is a multi-awarded journalist, author, and co-authored multiple Web and print publications locally and internationally. His stories features center on urban life, social issues, and politics. His works have appeared in Playboy, the Philippines Graphic, Manila Times, Sunday Times Magazine, Business Mirror, and more. When he is not writing professionally, Marius engages in political, social activism and is a staunch advocate of indigenous peoples rights, social justice, and transparency in government.


Conie T

Writer, Editorial Research

Lyza M

Mom, Researcher, Broadcaster


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Savita Jayaram



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