Burberry to Launch High-End Luxury Face Masks with Signature Pattern

Aug 21, 2020 | BEAUTY, BIZ, NEWS, STYLE

The exact date of the release of this high-end luxury face mask is not announced yet.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing demand for face masks, UK-based luxury brand, Burberry is the the first major fashion house to announce the launch of high-end luxury face masks costing $120 (£90) each soon.  

The face mask with gentle curvature and double-stitched fabric is designed with a smooth finish to not hurt your skin, sweeping down the cheeks firm, with black elastic ear loops to hold it tight.  

Burberry’s signature tartan design face masks are sustainably made out of “revalued” fabric, as the brand describes. Thus suggesting, deadstock fabric or excess fabric leftover from the brand’s vintage check collection. The reusable face masks will be available in “archive beige” and “pale blue” colors. 

burberry Mask

The launch of face mask is an addition to Burberry’s recent sustainability effort, ReBurberry Edit, a collection of looks re-created with sustainable materials showcased at the Spring/Summer 2020 show.  

The masks are designed with an enhanced antimicrobial technology and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE). While the anti-microbial technology does not ensure protection from viruses and bacteria, the non-medical-grade fabric masks are preferred by masses for their reusable nature.  

This means you can wash the mask in between uses, keep it clean and store it safe in a small travel pouch provided by the brand during face mask purchase. The travel pouch is made out of the same material as the mask.  

Staying in sync with the need for masks in current times, designers are beefing up their creative skills to design face coverings that are user-friendly, practical, and attractive. Burberry said, more fabric options for face masks will be released soon, during autumn.

20% of the proceeds from the sale of this face mask will be dedicated to the Burberry Foundation Covid-19 Community Fund. The Burberry Foundation Covid-19 Community Fund was set up in April 2020 to help healthcare professionals and other individuals impacted by the pandemic, and also fund vaccination research.

“We are delighted with Burberry’s generous support for the University’s research into a vaccine for Covid-19,” said Professor Gavin Screaton, Head of Medical Sciences at the University of Oxford in an earlier press release. “Burberry’s gift is an example of forward-thinking corporate philanthropy that complements and bolsters government and other investment in Oxford’s leading global talent in this field.”

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