Casio Treats Students to Free Scientific Calculator Web Service

May 13, 2020 | Asia, BIZ, NEWS, TECH

by Breaking Asia

While it may be a must-have for students, not everyone can afford a scientific calculator. Casio has stepped up to support schools and education by launching the full PLUS suite of its web service free of charge. Take a look at how this can help you. 

If you’re taking an online class, good news awaits you. Casio Computer Co Ltd. announced that the PLUS suite of its web service for mathematical calculations is now free to use worldwide. This bold move was done to support all teachers and students who are dealing with school closures due to the pandemic.

What is the PLUS Suite?

Normally, people would pay a subscription fee to access the most advanced calculation and graphing functions of Thankfully, it is now open to be used free of charge.

This web service allows people to make graphs, calculate functions, and perform geometric and statistical calculations with utmost accuracy. The program also enables its users to arrange their geometric figures, graphs, and numerical formulas in their browser window.

Meanwhile, the PLUS suite is also being offered for free. This feature grants users access to a computer algebra system or CAS which can perform a wide array of calculations that are based on expressions. It also has a useful handwriting math input, among many other advanced features.

The company has also made its Casio Manager and Emulator Software Applications for free. Geared for teachers, this can be used to reproduce operations of the scientific calculator on one’s computer. The apps also work with video conferencing tools. This makes it easier for students to see the formulas and graphs written by their teacher on the screen during an online class.

Despite not being able to meet in person due to strict social distancing rules, these programs provide the education sector with much-needed help. Now, teachers can finally raise the engagement level of their online classes by using the tools.

How to Get The Program

If you want to use the free programs, all you need to do is download and install the software applications from here. To help its users work through mathematical concepts using the free programs, the company has released tutorials on its YouTube channel. This offer will run until August 31, 2020.