Top Electronic Music Festivals in Asia

Mar 10, 2019 | Asia, Escape, Pop

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Think the electronic music scene isn’t alive in Asia? These amazing Electronic music festival in the region will prove you wrong

Asia might not be the first place that comes to your mind when it comes to dance music. However, the electronic music scene on the continent is booming now more than ever. Because of the rising number of house, techno, and EDM fans in the region, the festival scene has leveled up at an impressing rate.

If you’re planning to go to an electronic music festival in Asia but you’re not sure where to go, you’re on the right page. We’ve rounded up the biggest festivals in the continent you’d be crazy to miss.

Ultra Worldwide

If you’re a true-blue EDM fan, you might already be familiar with Ultra Music Festival -arguably the most famous EDM festival in the world. This over-the-top music festival shows no sign of slowing down as it penetrates the Asian market.

Now, people can experience the Miami-based festival in Korea, Singapore, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and many more Asian countries. In Korea alone, almost 200,000 attendees danced to the groove of The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, ZEDD, and many more international DJs.

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival

Every year, music and art enthusiasts would culminate in the picturesque coastal town of Puerto Galera, Philippines to attend the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. This festival does showcase not only electronic artists, but also a wide variety of music genres such as jazz, soul, and even reggae.

Additionally, you can expect a psychedelic atmosphere as quirky artworks from over 50 visual artists dot the festival grounds. Attending the one of a kind festival is like having an open-door museum pass.

Partying non-stop in Malasimbo also comes with a cause. The festival pays tribute to the culture of the indigenous communities in Mindoro, Philippines, and environmental conservation and stewardship. Since it started, its proceeds have been used to plant more trees in the area.

Sunburn Festival

If you want to attend a music festival headlined by DJ Tiesto, Afrojack, and other world-famous DJs, then you should head over to Sunburn Festival in India. Here, you can groove to the best EDM and house music from five different stages and over 120 local and international DJs. Whether you like techno, trance, or trap music, you will surely find something that will suit you at this festival.


Furthermore, the festival also boasts incredible light shows and lasers to heighten your festival experience. You can also opt to attend chill events such as dream catcher making and puppet workshops before you party the night away.

It’s the Ship

Do you want to party at sea? It’s the Ship might be the perfect EDM party for you to attend. From the moment the cruise ship sets sail in Singapore, the nonstop party starts. The party will take you to Phuket for a beach party of a lifetime before it goes back to dock in Singapore.

The party features local, regional, and international DJs which play on various stages. Not only that, you can also hang out with your favorite artists as you do activities such as yoga and mini golf. The best part is, the ship features a 24/7 buffet so you can recharge whichever time you want.

Djakarta Warehouse Project

Every December, Indonesian EDM fans gear up to attend the Djakarta Warehouse Project. The Electronic music festival has soared into one of the biggest festivals not in the continent with over 75,000 attendees.

The upbeat music extravaganza boasts a wide array of genres such as progressive, trance, dubstep, electronic, and so much more. Some of the most famous headliners are Hardwell, Tokimonsta, and Snakehips along with local artists.

Get Ready to Party In Asia!

Asia is known all over the world to be a backpacking haven, and attending a music festival might be your trip’s icing on top. Now that you have taken a look at the Asian electronic music festivals that stand out, make sure to bring your dancing shoes as you party the night away in Asia!

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