Top Shopping Spots in Bangkok to Blow Your Money

Oct 28, 2019 | ESCAPE, SHOP, Thailand

by MJ Toledo

Siam Paragon – Bangkok, Thailand ©Mark Fischer

Bangkok is known all over the world for its scenic temples, sumptuous food, and friendly people. But what you might not know is that it is also the best place to look for your next outfits and shop till you drop

With its wide array of high-end stores, local-owned shops, and an explosive array of products, it is no wonder why Bangkok has gotten its reputation as a shopping destination. With the sheer amount of markets in the city, your head will ache when choosing the ones to visit.

To make shopping easier for you, here’s a compilation of the best shopping markets and multi-shop bazaars you should not dare to miss.  

Chatuchak Weekend Market

One of the biggest local markets in the country, Chatuchak Weekend Market boasts over 8,000 stalls. Whether you want to shop for ornaments, accessories, jewelry, or even the latest outfits trends at the best prices, you can find it here.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the perfect destination for shopping addicts of any age. Whatever your budget is, you’ll definitely have a good time finding great buys here. The best part is, it has a wide array of food stalls if you want to have a snack in between shopping.

Night Market, Thailand ©Pulperm Phungprachit

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Although you may not find fashionable shoes or Thai pants in this floating market, it is still worth visiting. This market has a brilliant array of fresh fruits and vegetables and will let you gain a fresh perspective on how locals in the country make a living.

You can start by taking a boat tour in the area and exploring the countless stalls while seeing how the locals continue to keep this traditional market alive. Then, end the day sipping fresh coconut juice in one of the floating kitchens.

Dumnoen Floating Market, Thailand ©Adam Skowronski

Pantip Plaza

If you are a tech geek, you’ll absolutely love PanTip Plaza. This is the go-to destination of anyone in Bangkok looking for new phones and computers. However, its wide array of tech products does not just end there. It also has all computer software and hardware you can think of.

The computer shops in this area are known for wholesaling so if you want to buy goods at a significantly lower price than usual,  shop in bulk.

Pantip Plaza – Bangkok, Thailand ©Gavin Golden

Siam Paragon

If you don’t mind blowing off a few thousand dollars in one afternoon, Siam Paragon is the best shopping destination in Bangkok for you. Located in the heart of the city, the steel and glass entrance of the mall screams opulence. This luxurious mall houses international luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Versace, to name a few. You’ll exit this mall looking ready for the runway.

Siam Paragon Mall – Bangkok, Thailand ©Beam Borwonputtikun

Central World

Known as the grandest and biggest shopping mall in the country, Central World has 8 staggering floors filled with more than 100 restaurants and 500 shops to choose from. If you want to shop here, make sure to clear your whole day because you’ll need to take your time to explore every store.

Although you can find tons of cheap buys in this shopping mall, it is best known for housing designer brands such as Kate Space, Lacoste, and Calvin Klein among others.

Central World Mall ©Adam Lai


Pratunam is the best place to test out your haggling skills. This inexpensive shopping destination will definitely give you great deals, especially when you’re buying in bulk. If you’re worried about carrying countless bags with you to the hotel, don’t worry because the vendors can arrange for delivery.

Pratunam Market – Bangkok, Thailand ©Kim Seng


Another upscale shopping mall on this list is Gaysorn. This great fashion destination is home to international and local brands such as Prada, Hugo Boss, and Thai Brand Fly Now. Even if you do not want to shop here, it is still worth a visit just to get a glimpse of its glorious marble décor that will make you feel like royalty.

Bangkok Will Turn You into A Shopaholic

Anyone who has ever been to Bangkok can attest to the charm of the city and its power to turn you into a shopaholic. With its wide array of shopping centers from inexpensive to upscale ones, you will definitely leave the city with a smile on your face, and maybe even a stylish handbag to boot.