Lifestyle of the Rich and Fluffy: Asia’s Luxury Pet Market Shows No Slowdown

Jan 1, 2020 | ANIMALS, BIZ, China, ESCAPE, Hong Kong, NEWS, Trending, US

If you want nothing but the best for your favorite buddy, fret no more. In Asia, your furry friend will have the time of their lives thanks to specialized luxury brands and experiences that cater specifically to their needs. Without question, it’s the ultimate way to pamper your pet.

Pets are a godsend, with the boom of pet ownership in powerhouse Asian nations such as India and China, as well as the influx of travelers exploring the world with their four-legged friends, many brands have stepped up to cater to these animals and give them the best experience possible. In China alone, the number of pets has increased from 189 million in 2013 to a whopping 510 million in 2017. 

Just three years ago, the global pet care industry was valued at $132 billion and was expected to grow at a rate of 4.9% until 2025. 

Whether you have a cat, dog, or other pets, it’s a must to treat them like family. This is why you need to be familiar with the various luxury pet experiences they can experience for themselves. Not only that, you can even surprise them with apparel, and even wellness products. Get to know some of the most boujee things you can gift to your pet in Asia. 

Exclusive Flights

If you want to take your dog or cat with you in the sky, there’s no need to book with regular airlines that won’t treat your pet with utmost care. If you want to give your buddy the best experience, check out VistaJet. This one of a kind airline offers a unique service in the industry by allowing you to fly in any destination you can imagine with your pet. The company caters to global leaders, heads of state, and private individuals who want to fly exclusively. 

Because Vista Jet makes an effort to customize your flight, you are sure that everything you need will be in it. The company also tailors your in-flight experiences to you and your furry companion. The company has even flown a falcon before. With a selection of over 70 private jets, you will definitely feel like royalty.

It is not unusual for pets to fear flying. If your pet hates flying, you can enroll him or her in a four-week course so they can get over their fright. The company recently launched the said program aimed towards dogs and cats who get scared when they hear the roar of the engine, smell jet fuel, or experience ear popping. 

The course also offers a holistic experience for pets which include dog treats and meals made by Michel Roux, a Michelin-starred chef who tailored balanced meals that are designed to relax your pets. The drinking water is even infused with flower essence to help keep them calm. 

When the pet parents land on their destination and need to proceed on business meetings or personal engagements, the pets can take their pick if they want to go with pet walkers, go surfing or rafting, or even do dog yoga, depending on the location. 

Over 37% or 85 million US families traveling with pets, and another 37% avoid traveling so they can stay at home with their dogs or cats. The said offers are truly a blessing for pet owners who constantly experience challenges when traveling with their favorite companions. 

Many airlines which include Cathay Pacific also offers flights for service dogs for passengers who have mobility, hearing, or visual impairment. However, the airline still does not accept flat-face animals such as Pekinese dogs, Persian cats, and Bulldogs due to health risks. On the other hand, there are also airlines that permit pets to travel as cargo. However, this also has risks involved.

Luxury Hotel & Catered Menu

You may be thinking, do your best buddies ever get bored with their usual dog or cat food? If you want to switch up their meals a little, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Many pet-friendly hotels in Asia have started to offer delectable meals for pets. 

Looks like you may get jealous when the waiter serves your furry friend mouth-watering farm-raised pork confit with lentils and buttered carrots, four-rice risotto with grilled salmon and eggs, or braised Australian beef with green peas and brown rice. At $20 to $30 per meal, you may want to get your credit card ready.

These foods offered at the Rosewood Hong Kong hotel located in Tsim Sha Tsui is just one of the many experiences that have made an impression on pet owners. Perched on the scenic Victoria Harbour, this hotel will not only delight your four-legged buddy with awe-inspiring views but also remarkable pampering.

“Dishes on the pet menu are designed to be equally attractive as those on the regular menu, except there’s no seasoning added to ensure optimal palatability,” shared Sandro Gamba, the hotel’s director of Culinary operations, adding that the same attention to detail goes to planning a pet menu as a human one.

This is not the only hotel pets can experience the same level of culinary luxury. Whether you’re in the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai or the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, you are bound to encounter seasonal dog menus that are based on the local produce.

Many pet parents don’t mind spending more money just to get superior quality food to their pet. They can even request things such as bottled mineral water so their furry friend won’t be served regular filtered water. Oh, and did we mention the hotel picks up the pets in luxurious Range Rovers as well? Without question, it’s an experience for the books. 

Exclusive Pet Fairs

Just like any thriving and successful industry, there have also been tons of pet businesses popping up left and right. Many pet owners even find it immensely hard to keep up. A very special event that has been proving how promising the industry is are the pet fairs that happen in many parts of Asia. 

One of these pet fairs includes the Pet Fair Asia, which is now on its 22nd year. The event was held in Shanghai in a sprawling 185,000 square meter area that was filled with over 1,591 exhibitors from 42 countries, and more than 67,000 professionals. 

Pet Fashion Show ©PetfairAsia

The event garnered the attention of more than 8,000 people from Asia and overseas, and has cemented the increase of buyers especially in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The fair opened new doors for exhibitors who offer pet food technologies and snacks. There has even been an increase in Chinese brands that offer innovative products thanks to technology. 

With 2 halls for treats, 1 hall for pet food technology, 4 halls for pet food, 1 hall for cat products, 1 hall for small pets including reptiles, 1 hall for veterinary product, 1 hall for wearable technologies and other smart products, and many others, the international pet fair has become one of the world’s biggest of its kind. 

The Best for Your Pet

While the classic store-bought kibble may still be well-loved by your furry friend, it may also help to give them healthy and yummy treats to make the most out of their meals. You may even make their bath time more bearable with specialized concoctions that will leave them smelling like they just got out of a perfume store. 

Truly, the world of luxury pet items is overwhelming. However, just keep in mind that while material and expensive things will be greatly appreciated by your furry friend, there’s nothing more that will make them feel like a rockstar than your affection.