Tokyo Comic Con 2019 to Kick off in November

Oct 19, 2019 | ART, BIZ, ESCAPE, Japan, POP

East Asia DeskKari.Amarnani author

by Kari Amarnani

Tokyo Comic Con ©

The wait is over! Get ready for three whole days of comic, movie and cosplay fun

Tokyo’s Comic Convention of 2019 is underway and the Makuhari Messe complex in Chiba, Tokyo is officially the venue for these three days of excitement and fun. On November 22, the convention kicks off, showcasing the best pop culture technology and trends Tokyo has in its arsenal, which judging by its success in previous years, is definitely something to boast about.

Comic-Con originated in the United States in the 1970s and has now grown into a worldwide event open to all lovers of pop culture art forms including comics, video games, books, movies and many more. The Japanese franchise is here for its fourth event in a delightful celebration of American and Japanese media and technology all rolled up into three days of fun. Cosplay as your favorite animation character, take pictures of all your favorite things and immerse yourself in the cinematic worlds you love! Here’s what you missed from 2018.

What to Look out for:

This is the perfect time for attendees to obtain new information about your favorite consoles, video games, movies and more. If you strike while the iron is hot, you may even get yourself a meet and greet with some of your favorites in the industry. If not, don’t fear, there are many other cool activities in store. The venue will be littered with rare pop-culture objects and artifacts for you to fangirl over. There’s almost too much to do.

The Tokyo Comic Convention is a sister event of the original Silicon Valley Convention founded by Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. The convention had its first installment in 2016 which attracted 30,000 attendees, a large amount for a grand opening. The next year, that number would go up to 40,000. By 2018, the Tokyo Comic Convention amassed almost 65,000 visitors, proving it only gets better with age. This year is bound to cause quite a stir with its celebrity guests of Rupert Grint, Zachary Levi, Sebastian Stan and Orlando Bloom. And that’s still tentative! There’s more to be announced.

Advanced bookings may be required for the meet-and-greets. Tickets for autographs and photoshoots are sold separately. Please check the website for the full details.