Genting Malaysia Claims Back Throne As World’s Biggest Hotel

May 11, 2019 | Escape, Malaysia, News

Culture & Travel 

Move over the Venetian, Genting Resort’s First World Hotel in Malaysia has reclaimed its title as the world’s largest hotel. Along with 7,351 operational rooms, the hotel also has an indoor theme park.

Known for its affordable rates for as low as $31 per night, Genting Resort’s First World hotel in Malaysia has made Asia news headlines after being hailed once more as the largest hotel in the world with over 7,300 rooms. The property boasts two colorful colossal buildings, perfect for anyone looking for a place to stay during a vacation in Asia.

Aside from the easy self-check-in service machines to skip the long lines, foreign guests need not worry because it features bilingual functionalities. The Hotel offers five types of rooms that are fit for every budget traveler. All rooms include a safety box, shower, flat screen TV, and other amenities.

Genting Resort Room

Guests traveling in groups can opt for the $35 room which features two single beds and a double bed. It also includes a hairdryer, electric kettle, and a refrigerator. Additionally, the Y5 Deluxe Double, with two single bed and a large double bed, and the Y5 Triple Rooms, with a large double bed and a single bed, are also suitable. These rooms range from $38 to $49.

For those who want to live like a king, the hotel’s Superior Deluxe Rooms is perfect. Costing $104 per night, the room is 300 square feet huge and has a large sofa, coupled with a bath and a shower to complete the relaxing royalty experience.

For vacationers who want to indulge themselves in an elegant room with a chic minimalist style and earthy tones, the World Club rooms are available. For as low as $137 per night, guests can get the best of the best.

Casino - Genting Resort

Although its rooms are impressive, the hotel’s main draw is its massive indoor theme park – the first in the world. Skytropolis spans a staggering four-story mall filled with must-try rides such as carousels and Ferris wheels. For those who are not a fan of rides, the establishment offers a wide array of musical performances and shows.

Lititude - Genting Resort

Aside from these attractions, guests can also marvel at its unique design filled with colorful interiors and countless cartoon sculptures. Shoppers can also visit over 90 retail stores in the mall which includes popular brands like Poney, Pierre Cardin, Milano eyewear, and many more.

Whatever you want in a hotel – food, fitness facilities, great sights, friendly staff, and luxurious accommodation at a low price, Genting Resort’s First World hotel has it all. In a property as big as this impressive Asian hotel, the possibilities are truly endless.

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