Kpop Stars Involved in Sex Video Controversy

Apr 4, 2019 | Korea, News, Pop

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Seungri and Jung Joon-young’s scandals shine a light on the rising cases of victim blaming and women abuse in South Korea.

World-famous K-pop stars JungJoon-young and BIGBANG member Seungri have announced that they are stepping down from show business after a massive sex scandal issue blew up in Asia news.

International Kpop fans were shocked after authorities identified the two giant stars along with other Kpop singers as members of an online group chat which contained sexually explicit videos of women taken without their consent.

According to authorities, there were 10 members of the group chat which also included Choi Jong-hoon, an F.T. Island member, and Junhyung of Highlight among many others.

Jung, 30, confessed to filming himself while having sex and sharing the footage to the group chat which contained videos of over 10 women.

On the other hand, Lee Seung-hyun, or Seungri, is under investigation for allegedly obtaining prostitutes for his Burning Sun club’s VIP customers. The 28-year-old star also reportedly asked to postpone his military service enlistment.

“I am putting in a request for the conscription delay today. If I’m allowed, I want to fulfil my responsibility in cooperating with the investigation,” he stated. The BIGBANG member took part in a 16-hour police questioning recently. Meanwhile, the 30-year-old star’s questioning took over 21 hours.

Years ago, Jung was investigated by the police for secretly filming an illicit video with his girlfriend. However, the case was discontinued due to lack of evidence after Jung claimed that he lost his phone.

Fans of the Korean megastars have also expressed mixed reactions about the issue. A number of fan sites have surprisingly expressed hate on the assault victims and still stand by their idol.

“The fans are not dissing Seungri and two this scandal in no shape or form is hurting his career. I think the scandal boosted Seungri search in the media since Big Bang is inactive and the scandal is giving him a lot of sex appeal,” posted a fan website.

On the other hand, many fans have voiced out their disappointment, saying that the issue needed to be discussed in relation to the #MeToo movement in Asia and Toxic Masculinity in Korea.

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