Now Open: Thailand’s First Cannabis Plantation

Apr 4, 2019 | News, Thailand

East Asia DeskKari.Amarnani author

Thailand has plans of contributing to a booming worldwide Marijuana industry

It is always an impressive feat to go where no one has gone before. And Thailand is diving into waters unbeknownst to no nation in Asia. Thailand has finally opened a cannabis plantation in Bangkok, the country’s national capital state. I’m talkin’ legal production of marijuana, you guys. This makes Thailand the first nation in the entire continent of Asia that can legally produce and export cannabis. For medical purposes, of course. Sounded too good to be true, huh?

The race to hold this label was initially between Thailand and Malaysia, but the former got an early start and snatched up the title for itself. Malaysia will most likely follow soon, along with the Philippines. Though they will not be deemed as the first to blaze a trail (wink wink), they will be entering an industry that can significantly boost economic growth. The demand for cannabis is high, and it is continuously growing business. By the year 2025, the global marijuana market will grow to an estimation of $146.4 billion.

Production is one thing; distribution is another. Thailand is sitting on a potential goldmine at the moment with all its resources innately ready to be of service. Because of the country’s climate, the production of marijuana will be a smooth and steady growth. The product thrives in tropical and humid locations, making countries like Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia very ideal for the business. This will also entail that the production itself will be at cost.

Big foreign companies specializing in the production of cannabis have taken a special interest in Thailand, knowing that the country will be capable of producing good qualities of cannabis with its favorable climate and soil at solid and reasonable prices. This will fare well for Thailand as the export possibilities assure significant growth in the country’s overall economic progress, as well as the medical marijuana market all over the world. But Thailand better moves fast. It’s a cutthroat industry. Literally and figuratively.

Aside from that, Asia is proud of the very first cannabis pioneer. For medical purposes. Let this go down in history: Thailand’s pretty woke.

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