Getting To Know The Asian Skin Care Regimen

Jan 13, 2019 | Korea, Style

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by Conie T

The ultimate guide to the achieve the radiant-looking Asian Skin

Asian skin care is now the hottest trend not only in Asia but in North America and Europe as well. This began when the Americans learned about the Korean Beauty secrets that have been trending in the past years. It can be often difficult to take care of your skin and maintain at it’s optimal. Your skin can also act crazy at a particular stage in your life. But Asians seem to have pretty faces like they were born with it naturally, well it takes work!

In fact, in many Asian countries like Japan and Korea, taking care of the face is an age-old tradition. They spent time pampering their skin with various designiaated products. They choose those that can essentially bring out the natural radiance within the skin. So, beauty crazies stand up, it is time to learn the tips and tricks on the best Asian skin care regimen.

Streamline Routine for Your Skin Care

The first thing that comes to mind if you want to have an Asian-looking skin is a far-reaching skin care regimen. To some, this could mean involving at least ten products or more. However, according to well-known dermatologists who specialize in aesthetic and general dermatology, this should not be the case.

If you want an Asian-looking skin, you will only need a toner, a gentle cleanser, a sunscreen, and a moisturizer. The cleanser should be simple and it is important not to overdo cosmetic care to avoid it from causing damage. Dr. Kenneth Howe, believes that smaller and earlier interventions helps maintain a youthful look while preventing aging.

Double Cleansing

Several Asian gurus believe that it is very helpful to cleanse the face two times in a row. This should be done in the morning and at night. This process enables you to get rid of your skin from grime and dirt accumulated during the day. Some are a bit reluctant about this process since it could mean instant skin dryness.

However, the Asian skincare regimen is a bit different from what the western world is used to. The ritual starts with an oil-based cleanser to get rid of makeup and other skin pollutants. Then a water-based foam cleanser or cream is applied to remove the skin of sweat, excess oil, and any remaining dirt.

These cleansers serve two purposes. First, eradicating the skin from impurities. Second, preparing the skin to absorb the next products that will be applied. In addition, these cleansers will minimize the pores and will thoroughly cleanse it.

The Use of Essences are Vital for Skin Care

To the western culture, the thought of integrating essence to your skin care routine could be a unique idea. But, for Asians, adding essences is the most essential part of their routine. Essence is a compact and hydrating enhancement to the skin. It has the consistency that resembles water or toner. An essence is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.  Compared to a thick cream, the essence is faster absorbed by the skin. It is usually applied right after the toner and cleanser and before the moisturizer and serum.

Being Careful with the Actives

Asian skin is most likely oily but that does not mean that you have to apply heavily on your skin BHAs and AHAs. There are even dermatologists that recommend a salicylic toner and salicylic cleanser to their patients. However, according to Dr. Howe, if you want to use active ingredients, you must only integrate one product into your regimen. Adding more than that could potentially cause damage to your skin.

Getting an Added Glow by Using a Mask

Another important tip that you should include in your Asian skin care regimen is using a facial mask. Skin care masks come in various forms compared to the standard clay masks. Japanese facial masks are available in a pre-saturated, thin cotton sheet with cutouts on the eyes and mouth. This kind of facial cleanser is wet when touched and should rest on the face for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is a great punch when it comes to hydrating the skin and could make for an amazing selfie.

Applying Sunscreen

The leading sign of skin aging among Asians is caused by an increased level of melanin through exposure to the sun. This could cause hyperpigmentation and could result in uneven skin tone and freckles. Most dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. This should be observed even if you are not spending time in the outdoors. Also, it is important that you reapply the sunscreen after every couple of hours because it usually loses its effectiveness.

Now that the Asian skin care regimen has been revealed, it is time to incorporate that into your routine to achieve maximum results and get that healthy glowing Asian-looking complexion that you want.


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