Thailand’s Fashion Designers to Note

Feb 10, 2019 | STYLE, Thailand

Take a look at Thailand’s thrilling and rich fashion scene

Thai fashion is considered relatively young, unlike its Western counterparts. In fact, some of Thailand’s first established brands only began around two decades ago. Since then, it has come a long way and has already been recognized around the world. Some of its famous celebrity clients include former First Lady Michelle Obama and pop star Katy Perry.

Some notable Thai fashion designers have already debuted their masterpieces on the red carpet. However, there is never a shortage of up and comers in the Thai Fashion scene. These designers are ready to take the world by storm. Check out these popular Thai labels:

1. Disaya

The Disaya brand is owner Disaya Sorakraikitikul, offers attractive apparel and accessories that cater to young adults.  From chic party dresses, cutesy blouses, and fashionable skirts and trousers, Disaya caters to all women of varying fashion tastes.

Her creative and over-the-top fashion pieces are a combination of Thailand’s cultural influence and Britain’s modern functionality. Having studied fashion in London, it’s no wonder Disaya incorporates both Thai esthetics and British influence into her design. Famous celebrities such as the late Amy Winehouse, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Osbourne have already worn Disaya’s fashion masterpieces.

Her items range around $70 (swimsuits and accessories) to more than $500 (dresses). You can check out her boutiques all over Bangkok including one in Central World and another in Qurator. 

2. Kloset

Kloset was established back in 2001 by a young and upcoming Thai designer, Mollika Ruangkritya, who is a big fan of fashionable handmade pieces. Check out the brand’s official website and Instagram account and you will see a lot of handmade fashionable items using ribbons, laces, beads, and patchwork.

From elegantly classic dresses, bright-colored tops, floral prints, and creative accessories, Kloset has a lot to offer especially among today’s young women. Kloset’s items range around $200 to more than $500. You can also check out Kloset’s boutiques at Siam Paragon and Central World. 

3. Senada

Senada has been around for more than 25 years, thanks to Thai fashion designer and founder Chanita Preechawitayakul. Her passion for vintage clothing has grown into a full-blown fashion collection that is both feminine and sophisticated.

While each collection highlights different features every time, her collection remains chic with an air nonchalant quality. From black, white, and everything else in between, Senada has notable fashion pieces you will surely love.

Check out Senada’s boutiques in Siam Center, Central World, and Siam Paragon. 

4.  Greyhound

The apparel company began sometime in 1980 by four Bangkok-based individuals. Having no formal training in fashion, they shared a common passion for aesthetics inspired by art, music, and architecture. Three decades later, Greyhound became one of the most popular fashion brands in the country.

The brand likens itself to the canine breed which it is named after – “sleek, elegant, and noble… full of spirit and… a man’s best friend.” Initially, Greyhound offered men’s casual wear. Years after, it expanded into offering women’s apparel as well as fashion accessories and leather goods.

At present, it has more than 10 boutique stores and 9 café’s around Bangkok. It also has international stores in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Switzerland, to name a few.

5. Patinya

Patinya is established by Marie Clair Thailand’s fashion editor and offers an “urban romantic” fashion style. Her collections include pieces with French laces, silk, embroideries, and pastel shades. The brand positions itself as simple and minimalist, yet elegant and high-class that caters among women.

Patinya offers multiple contemporary pieces and elegant dresses that can transform the perfect look from the office to an evening on the town.  Check out their official website to browse their collection. 

6. Pitchana

The brand was established back in 2015 by fashion designer and creative director Pitchana Ekachai. Pitchana prides itself as a combination of elegance and sultriness, which has since become the signature of the brand. It uses silk, crepe, and laces as primary fabrics to create the brand’s fashionable masterpieces.

Pitchana will unleash the elegant and sultry side of every woman, with its contouring and strategically-designed outfits. It provides not only sophistication but also confidence with every stylish apparel worn from this brand.

You can visit Pitchana boutiques located at Central Chidlom and EmQuartier. The fashion brand also has a showroom located in Phrakanong in Bangkok.