Cubo: World’s Smartest AI Baby Monitor

Apr 12, 2020 | BIZ, SHOP, TECH

Parenting is now made easier thanks to the Cubo AI baby monitor which lets parents check on their baby using an app in real time. The product also boasts other amazing features that would solve the woes of many first-time parents. 

It’s normal for parents to always be concerned about the wellbeing of their child. Now, they can get the help of a little birdy to update them about their baby. The Cubo is the hottest video baby monitor on the market today and is powered by artificial intelligence. It looks like a bird, making it seem like an embellishment more than a security camera. How cool is that? 

The Cubo Ai Smart Baby monitor is equipped with facial recognition which can alert parents if the baby’s face is covered. The baby monitor can also let parents know if their child climbed out of their crib even when it is dark.

About Cubo

Perhaps the secret of Cubo is it was designed by a parent who can relate to the panic moms and dads feel when they are not around their baby. Without question, Cubo grants much-needed peace of mind without having to buy extremely expensive monitors. 

The baby monitor’s glossy white body looks elegant and cute, and the camera is located in the middle, along with the wood-grain piece. The centerpiece switches positions depending on where the user wants to mount it. 

There are also three mounts included in the Cubo. The crib mount can fit crib railings and even be attached to the top. It’s also very sturdy, but may not be the best mount for toddlers who pull on things. There is also a free-standing mount which grants parents an overhead view. It is made more stable by a water-weighted bottom. The last mount is a mobile stand that can simply be placed on a shelf.

Get the Cubo Baby Monitor

It’s hard to come by a monitor that can fit all your needs. Complete with night vision, night light, two-way audio, 135-degree lens, 18-hour playback, and even sensors to detect temperature and humidity, the Cubo Smart Baby monitor stands out among its competition. It is available for $249.

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