Top Things to do in Bintan Island, Indonesia

Apr 12, 2020 | ESCAPE, Indonesia

by MJ Toledo

If you love beaches, mountains, and culture, Bintan Island should be on top of your list. This breathtaking destination is filled with so many treasures and surprises that will leave you wanting more.

Just a short ferry ride from Singapore and Malaysia is the scenic Bintan Island in Indonesia. With its wide array of luxury resorts, laid back beaches, rich marine biodiversity, and amazing golf courses, you’d surely be delighted.

When visiting the breathtaking island of Bintan, you might be overwhelmed. We’ve compiled the top activities for you to make the most out of your trip.

Visit Senggarang Village

One of the main draws of Bintan is its rich history. Although Bintan is a small place, you’ll be surprised at its historical and cultural stories, thanks to its convenient role on the Indo-China trade route.

The island has been home to countless Chinese immigrants whose culture is evident in Senggarang village. It even has the first Chinese establishment in the area.

With a beautiful and eclectic mix of different architectural styles in its shops, you’ll surely feel how the place has been a pivotal melting pot of culture and an open community all at once. Many doors are left open to welcome visitors who want to take a look inside the lives of the locals. Don’t miss to visit the Banyan Tree Temple situated in the area.

Sand Dunes

Indonesia is almost synonymous to towering waterfalls, crystal clear waters, and lush forests. However, the sand dunes in Bintang is a unique and unexpected treasure you need to see. The vast dunes of Gurun Paris Busung was once a quarry which has transformed into a sand dune. You’ll surely feel as if you are somewhere in the Middle East.

This spot is the perfect location for your Instagram picture. The best part is, there aren’t many people around!

Crystal Lagoon

Your visit to BIntan Island would not be complete without visiting the massive 60-hectare area of the Crystal Lagoon at Treasure Bay. Known as the first-ever artificial saltwater lagoon in Asia, it truly lives up to its name. The impressive lagoon even has fun floaters you can use if you want to lounge around in the water.

To take a break, simply lay your beach mat in the white sand to get a tan. The area also offers a Jetovator, a unique jetpack that allows you to fly just like your favorite superhero.

Danau Biru, Kawal

If you want to visit a unique spot, head over to Danau Biru. This lagoon looks so mesmerizing it does not need a filter for your photos!

The pale blue water is a contrast to the sand that surrounds it. This natural oasis was actually created because of mining in the area. If you want to hang around and marvel at its stunning view, remember to bring a mat and snacks for your picnic. Just don’t leave your trash in the area.

Food Trip and Nightlife

Trying the local cuisine of every place you visit is a fantastic way to get to know its culture. Because Bintan has many local fishing communities, you’ll be surprised at its many choices of fresh and cheap seafood.

To taste the best grilled fish on the island, head over to the Kelong Seafood Restaurant and have the best food coma of your life. After you eat, you can enjoy the sunset as you chill in the Lagoi Bay.

As the night falls, prepare to party the calories away as you dance in its many bars located right at the beach.

Escape to Bintan Island

With countless things to offer, it’s a shame that many people have not even heard of Bintan Island. This charming Indonesian paradise is the best place to visit if you want to take a break from the arduous life in the city.