Singapore: The City of the Future

Feb 25, 2019 | BIZ, ESCAPE, GOV, Singapore, Trending

by Kari Amarnani

Marina Bay, Singapore ©Robert Pittman

Known for being the world’s technological hub, Singapore has made significant efforts to earn this proud reputation 

Singapore is proof that it is not the size of something that makes it great— it’s what you do with it. Though it is physically small, the land is an economic and technological giant. Singapore has been regarded as Southeast Asia’s most modern city for a century, and it’s slowly inching its way to international domination. Built on trade and tourism, the country is leading the way among developing countries as a phenomenal trailblazer.

The city-state’s dynamic development is one for the books. From a lowly fishing village to one of the world’s most technologically advanced nations, Singapore is wired and ready to astound. It has been dubbed as the “miniature Silicon Valley” due to its strong technology presence. 80% of the world’s top 100 technological firms have close associations to Singapore, reinforcing its reputation as a great gateway to Asian markets and establishments. 

What sets Singapore apart from other nations is its style of operating with roots in a Westernized process of development blended with that powerful Asian subtlety. It is quietly but efficiently making its way up the ladder. If it all sounds too good to be true, well, believe it. No foul play is involved as Singapore scores third place in the global ranking of the least corrupt nations in the world, following New Zealand and Denmark.

Expedient and State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: 

Businesses and establishments in Singapore gain access to some of the most modern and technologically advanced infrastructures in the world. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore was ranked first place in digital infrastructure, granting the most efficient methods and resources for impeccable business structures. A classic example of this is its Changi Airport. The airport has been dubbed as the world’s best and most reliable airport in the world seven years running. Whether you’re stopping by for a layover or coming in and out of Singapore, there will always be a bunch of things to do. Travel stress goes right out of the window.

The country is favored by fortune even when it entails such that is not man-made. Singapore naturally builds on its geographical blessings. The Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) is the world’s second busiest port. This makes trade fast and reliable. Singapore is an expert at enhancing what it’s already got to achieve world-class proficiency.

Exceptional Innovation and Creativity:

If technological breakthroughs are what you seek, you’ve come to the right place. Efficiency and structure only get you so far without the wonders of innovation. And in Singapore? It’s absolutely integral. Global companies and businesses regularly take on new and daunting projects to further its reputation as the most innovative country in Asia. With all the notable apps and actual cleaning robots scattered throughout the streets of Singapore, the nation does not shy away from exciting technological advancements. I mean, the government has pledged to allot $110 million into the nation’s artificial intelligence development, so yeah, it’s pretty serious.

There’s a reason giants like Amazon kickstart huge projects in Singapore before taking anything to international lengths. It’s simply the most reliable place to do it.

Office workers heading for work ©ILO Asia-Pacific

Extremely Skilled and Qualified Talent Pool:

Again, intelligence, efficiency and creativity only get you so far. At the end of the day, it’s the people who make all the difference. Singapore holds some of the most successful and talented populations of people in the world, making it its best asset and a strong factor as to why it is an economic force. Not only are the people capable and determined for growth, they also intermingle well together with diversity and unity. The multiculturalism of Singapore makes it the most Western-friendly country in all of Asia, allowing significant bonds with the United States— something that definitely does not hurt businesses. The assimilation of cultures happens in a snap. And this is when true technological feats come: with the blend of great minds and passionate hearts. 

Singapore has come a long way from being a stopover to larger Asian nations. Now it is simply the best place to be. For anyone with dreams of growth and mastery in their life, for anyone who desires to change the world— it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at Singapore’s development through the century. There’s a lot that has been achieved and there’s still more to come. Hold tight.