Sustainable Face Mask Made from Coffee is Today’s Must Have

May 20, 2020 | BIZ, GREEN, NEWS

The novel coronavirus has turned the world upside down. People wearing masks used to be a scene from an apocalyptic movie, but it’s now becoming the norm. A Vietnamese brand is set to change the face mask game with a product that will not only protect you, but also the environment. 

Just a couple of months ago, the face masks you have in your home might only be for skincare purposes. Now, you can’t leave your house without this necessity. Despite protecting millions of people from the virus, reusable masks have presented an issue of their own due to its non-biodegradable nature. Thankfully, there’s a solution – AirX.

Disposable Face Masks Are Hurting the Planet

In China alone, 116 million tons of masks are used every day.  The environmental damage caused by millions of disposed masks is largely irreversible.

Enter AirX. Created by ShoeX, this product is not only geared to flatten the curve, but also protect the planet. This antimicrobial facemask offers two layers of protection with 99.99 percent dual antibacterial technology. 

One layer is woven from coffee yarn, made possible by PowerKint technology and is great for sensitive skin. The mask also features a biodegradable filter inside which was developed by coffee and silver nanotechnology. 

AirX Features
AirX Features1

Not only is the mask washable and reusable, its filter can also be used for 30 days. For coffee lovers, this mask is a godsend since its users can enjoy a natural coffee aroma as they wear it. Adding to its long list of features are UV Ray Protection, and a wide array of colors and designs. 

“The face mask deserves to have a longer life than just one-time use. Eco-friendliness, according to us, is not the only selling point of AirX because we all need to take it by default, as a proactive step towards cleaner living habits,” said ShoeX founder Thanh Le. 

AirX recently bagged an AATCC 100 certification, which is the US industry’s standard for antimicrobial fabric performance. 

What’s Next?

This product is the first step to giving people a healthy, cheap, and more sustainable alternative to regular medical-grade face masks. AirX can supply 10,000 masks per day to keep up with global demand. Soon, the company is set to unveil a new development to the AirX which merges it with the n95 feature. For more info –