Canadian Artist SSUN Releases Debut EP Eclipse

Feb 25, 2021 | AA, China, NEWS, POP, US

Photo: ©Place New Studios

Up and coming artist SSUN recently released her debut EP entitled Eclipse. The EP features three heart-wrenching tracks which include Dear Lover, Motive, and Let Go. Born in Shanghai and now based in Toronto, the artist’s talent is unmistakable.

Every few years or so, you hear a song that’s so gripping it makes your heart clench. That’s exactly what Dear Lover by SSUN is. The emerging artist kicked off the new year with her EP Eclipse which also features two other tracks, Motive and Let Go. 

According to the SSUN, she and her team discussed whether or not to introduce herself through a single or an EP, but after listening to the three songs in order, they felt as though all songs would give her listeners a better experience from the beginning to end since it takes people through a journey. 

The sound of the EP expresses a wide range of emotions – from something that will make you feel vulnerable, to something more upbeat that you can dance to.

The release of “Dear Lover” was accompanied by a music video, which showcased the song perfectly – with nothing but a piano and SSUN’s brilliant vocals. 

About SSUN

Born and raised in China, SSUN is a young artist who now calls Toronto her home. Ever since she was a child, she was already immersed in music thanks to her mother who is a singer, and her father who is a piano teacher. 

Having been trained in Classical music in both theory and composition, SSUN’s ability to move from one melody to another is truly notable. Thanks to the influence from both her parents, SSUN was encouraged to develop her vocal interest while learning how to play the piano at a young age, and her talent is obvious as she showcases her vocal agility from genres like powerful ballads to R&B. 

“Most definitely, I think I’m always finding ways to incorporate my classical training – it’s something that’s second nature to me. I’ve grown up with classical music in my home, so it’s always been my comfort zone, even though I like to experiment with different elements and sounds. But for me, classical music is not only a genre, playing is more of meditative practice for me – I use it as a way to relax,” she said. 

Dear Lover

Her track “Dear Lover” is about losing a loved one, as well as the struggles against all things left unsaid. Surprisingly, the song did not take long to finish. 

“For me, the writing process just felt easy. My team and I wrote based on feeling so the songs came organically, especially for the ballads. For ‘’Dear Lover’’, I was playing around with different chords, and we knew where we wanted to go with the song and what we wanted to say,” she shared. 

The song and its music video serve as her message to people who have lost someone or something because of COVID-19. 

“This project was specifically made so anyone can apply their own feelings to the music. Whether you’re on the road or at a party and you’re feeling motivated and carefree or you’re alone and hiding yourself from the world to have a good cry. I wanted to give everyone something for themselves,” the artist shared.

Well-Rounded Artist

Inspired by her experiences and rich background, SSUN proves that there’s truly more than meets the eye. 

Beyond her music, SSUN’s sense of style is also amazing. She combines high fashion and street style, and the juxtaposition is quite like how she marries her love for refined vocals and her ability to command and stage. 

In a time when classical music training isn’t common, SSUN’s breaks through the barrier by going beyond tradition and establishing herself as a unique singer. 

SSUN is represented by Place New Studios, and her record is distributed by Foundation Media.