Emerging Asian American Streetwear Brands to Watch

Aug 2, 2020 | AA, BIZ, China, Japan, Korea, STYLE, US

Asian Streetwear has taken over countless runways and closets in recent years. But if you’re tired of the same brands everyone seems to have, it’s time to explore some incredible Asian-American streetwear labels that you may not have heard of before.

Streetwear is making a name for itself. But while Asian brands such as Li-Ning and Kirin have made a name for themselves with their cult-following and loyal customers, there is still a big demand for new and hot designs and innovative approaches to this style. Thankfully, Asian-American brands have heeded the call by creating fresh and amazing looks that deserve your attention. 

Private Policy

Private Policy has gathered thousands of fans around the world not only with their designs but also with how they use their global presence to bring Asian people together. The brand also opens up discourses on collective identity with initiatives such as #HeartTheWorld Instagram Livestream where the brand introduces their passion and work to people of all races. Their beautiful colorful-patterned designs and distinctive cuts will truly give much-needed excitement and energy for the entire Asian-American community. 

Sundae School

Sundae School was started by Mia Park and Dae Lim, who are two of the most innovative Asian-American designers of this time. The two have managed to create a brand that fuses cannabis and fashion. Sundae School’s claim to fame is that they heavily lean towards their Korean heritage in their overall aesthetic and design. Even the packaging is worth noting, too. The brand’s products scream creativity and fun, and we absolutely love that. 

Da Wang

Streetwear isn’t all about baggy clothes. Da Wang has mastered the art of perfectly-fitted apparel that can easily be dressed up or down. Their founder, Daisy Wang, got the idea to modernize chinoiserie design into everyday wear. 

It’s refreshing to see an Asian-American streetwear brand that banks on their modern take on traditional garments.  While chinoiserie became quite popular in the 90s, Da Wang gives people a new take on it. The best thing about the company is they offer their pieces at a very accessible price point despite its great quality. You’ll definitely wear their pieces with pride. 

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Trust Studios

Another brand where you can get basic stripped-down pieces with meaningful design, Trust Studios will be perfect for you. The brand explores identity that represents past and present looks which reflect the diversity apparent in contemporary American life. Their most iconic designs include Yakult t-shirt and hoodies, inspired by a probiotic drink that has become a staple in the kitchens of many Asians. Little details like this allow their pieces to evoke a sense of nostalgia everyone will surely love. 


Made by Yuki Matsuda, Monitaly’s pieces paint a clear picture of the designer’s Hermosa Beach Southern California residence, and Japanese roots. The brand offers laid back streetwear pieces such as drop-crotch pants, and boxy shirts with subtle patterns. According to Matsuda, Monitaly’s pieces are rooted in wabi-sabi, which is a Japanese philosophy that encourages the acceptance of imperfection. In his designs, Matsuda wishes to elevate casual garments and silhouettes into something fresh. References to American and military workwear can also be spotted in some of his designs, but always with a soft element.