Top Chinese Business School Grants Scholarship for Indian Students

Dec 28, 2019 | BIZ, China, India, NEWS

by Kari Amarnani


The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business has released a new scholarship program for Indian students in order to promote the relationship between the two countries

It is no secret that China and India have had quite an interesting history as rival nations. To this day, the best word to describe their relationship is ‘civil’. With the flames of competition and unfriendly diplomatic ties, there is much that needs to be rectified between the two counties, but with baby steps, a lot can be achieved.  

The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) heeds this and decided to launch a new scholarship program exclusively for Indian candidates who wish to join the school. CKGSB is an independent and faculty-governed business school that was established in 2002 with tenured professors and an incredible reputation in China. The school has been compared to Yale and Wharton with its unmatched alumni network and astounding research on global issues centered in China.  

It is located in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, and London— but its main headquarters are in Beijing. With the help of this scholarship, a new generation of leaders can assist with rebuilding and reconnecting the political and emotional borders between China and India. 

Building Bridges 

The scholarship is intended for applicants with outstanding professional and educational merits who desire to build economic ties between China and India. It is sponsored by the school’s Education Development Foundation, as well as the Li Ka Shing Foundation, a charitable organization founded in Hong Kong. Li Wei, Associate Dean of the school’s MBA program, stated: 

“India and China face many of the same challenges of a developing nation – urbanization, climate change, governance transparency and sustainable development. To meet these challenges, both countries need business leaders who are not only creative but also socially responsible with a commitment to make the world better. We created a scholarship with this purpose in mind. We want to invest in people who show exceptional potential to make a difference in this world.”

To apply for the scholarship, candidates must submit an essay explaining why they are deserving of the program and a fee of RMB 800. The scholarship covers tuition fees in its entirety, although students must still shoulder a miscellaneous fee of RMB 40,000 which includes lodging and accommodations. The due date for applications is June 29, 2020. 

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