Asia: Cute and Trendy Capsule Hotels are here To Stay

Aug 10, 2019 | Asia, ESCAPE, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

Nine Hours Kyoto, Japan | Hans Johnson

Surprising comfortable and high tech, capsule hotels are setting the trend for global travelers looking for a different kind of hotel experience in Asia.

When travelers think of hotel rooms, there’s usually a single, burning image: a clean room with a big bed in the middle, a bathroom, and a window with a view of the city. Of course, we’re referring to common, run the mill hotel rooms that have helped accommodate the world’s most adventurous travelers. But what if we tell you that hotel rooms have taken a turn for the cute and chic, and they’re now downsized for people’s convenience?

Small is Beautiful

They’re called capsule hotels, and what began in innovative Japan has now spread far and wide in Asia. There’s plenty of demand for them in the most crowded districts of well-visited Asian cities, and more of them are popping up to give travelers looking for one-night accommodations because they’re just passing through.

Capsule hotels are tiny, only a fraction of what a basic hotel room would actually look like, but they’re being booked like crazy because they’re cheaper, and second, there’s just something about connecting with like-minded folks nearby that makes the hotel experience less lonely. And traveling alone can get lonely, as many global backpackers know.

The Trendsetters

The Capsule Retreat in Malaysia provides 7’ x 10’ cylinders that are outfitted with a cozy queen-sized bed and perfect lighting for relaxation, a bit of reading, and of course, sleep. The Capsule Retreat provides the most soothing environment to travelers, and you won’t have to deal with the usual nighttime traffic sounds when you book accommodations here. The hotel’s design also keeps the heat at bay, which means you’re going to get some sound sleep even if it’s your first time to travel to the tropics.

Capsule Retreat - Malaysia

Capsule Retreat – Malaysia


The Cube – Boutique Capsule Hotel in Singapore focuses on providing more holistic experiences to travelers by offering local grub, specially crafted cocktail mixes, and even tasty gourmet coffee. The futuristic-looking pods are described as comfortable ‘cocoons’ that guests can retreat to if they’re jaded from the outside world. In addition to the comfy bed, each cube is equipped with mood lighting, a duvet, a personal safe (hidden, of course), high-speed WiFi, and bottled water that is on the house. What The Cube really accomplishes here is to set the standard for comfort and style while doing away with the traditional scale of expected of hotel rooms. This Singaporean standout is showing everyone that it is what you do with size that really matters in the end.

The Cube Hotel - Singapore

The Cube Hotel – Singapore

The Phuket Capsule and Hidden Pool Bar in Phuket, Thailand is a welcome retreat that you can reach easily from Wat Chalong. There are thirteen dainty sleeping quarters, each with its own climate control, TV, high-speed WiFi, and even an ironing board if you need to flatten some creases. When you’re done resting, you can go to the hidden rooftop pool that has a perfectly stocked bar so you can unwind the way you love to.

Manila in the Philippines is not far behind with its own Tambayan Capsule Hotel that’s literally built into a restored mansion. The Tambayan Capsule Hotel really emphasizes a feeling of a social commune, as there are single and double beds in mixed (men and women) and female-only dorms. You can also head to the Gastrobar for some local cuisine and drinks to while the night away. Who said landing in Manila on the first night has to be stressful and expensive? Head over to the Tambayan Capsule Hotel to dispel that myth.

Tambayan – Communal Area

Tambayan – Bunk Room

And finally, Taiwan raises the bar with its own cutesy and futuristic Hey Bear Capsule Hotel, located along ChongXin Road, SanChong District in Taipei. Each guest gets his own personal, 32-inch LED TV, a personal safe/security box, high speed WiFi connection, and other nice amenities that will make a guest’s stay as comfortable as possible, even if he is planning on staying for just one night. You can also begin a short adventure of Taiwan by referring to Hey Bear Capsule Hotel’s very own food adventure map.

Hey Bear Capsule Hotel - Taiwan

Hey Bear Capsule Hotel – Taiwan