Biggest Surfing Lagoon in the World Coming to South Korea

Apr 5, 2019 | Escape, Korea, News

East Asia DeskKari.Amarnani author

WaveGarden Korea

Get ready for the water park of your dreams coming in 2020

In November of 2018, the announcement of a new surfing lagoon in South Korea was initiated for construction. Wave Garden, a firm from Spain, established the idea to build an excitingly large lagoon in Gyeonggi, a South Korean province located an hour away by car from Seoul, the country’s capital. It will be operating in Turtle Island, a man-made island that was built and previously recovered from the ocean. Long story short, it’s absolutely beautiful. And this new addition is definitely going to shake things up.

The firm is collaborating with Daewon Plus Construction in an effort to construct a magnificent water park worthy of attention from all around the world.

Behold, Wavegarden Cove. Things are about to get lit, my friends.

The news has sparked international elation. Not only will the lagoon be the biggest surfing attraction in South Korea, it will also be considered to be the largest in the world. The budget allocated for the project comes up to $2.4 billion. I mean, with that kind of money, you just know it’s going to be unbelievably awesome.

Word on the street is this lagoon is going to feature amazing facilities guaranteed to give all visitors a wonderful time. The surfing lagoon will produce 1,000 seemingly authentic waves in an hour’s time and this will be happening in many surfing areas all regulated to provide different experiences. Don’t feel like surfing? Feel free to take a dip! The water’s fine. Swimming and kayaking are also activities present in Wavegarden Cove.

It’s an all-around fun time! The lagoon will also include other facilities for people to engage in. A hotel will be put up for guests to get some rest and relaxation after having the time of their lives in the water. Conventions will be included in the location so guests can still feel like they are on vacation even when business matters are involved. Fun is in every direction.

The only downside to this news is that the lagoon opens in 2020. But hey, you know what they say, great things take time. For now, let us let the suspense and anticipation build and grant ourselves an experience like no other! Can 2020 get here now, please?

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