The Ultimate Guide to Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands

Jun 11, 2019 | ESCAPE, Malaysia

Boh Tea Plantation | Tokong

The Ultimate Guide to Cameron Highlands, one of Malaysia’s most beautiful destinations

North of the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur lies a haven for nature lovers. Cameron Highlands is the country’s highest altitude region and is home to sprawling tea plantations, lush forests, and luxurious resorts.

The Cameron Highlands has been welcoming tourists for nearly 100 years. While some plan their vacations to escape the hot and humid weather, other people frequent this spot because of its cheap produce. Here everything you need to know about this beautiful region.

Tea Farm Cameron Highlands – Cheon Fong Liew

What to Bring

Although it’s daytime temperatures are perfect for chill warm clothes such as jeans or jumpers, its temperature can drop to single digits at night so make sure to bring jackets. If you plan on hiking, a waterproof jacket is also essential especially because the mountains are prone to rain.

Where to Stay

You have quite a number of places to choose from when in Cameron Highlands. If you want budget-friendly guesthouses, hotels, and hostels, you can stay in Brinchang and Tanah Rata. There are also mid-priced resorts on the main road built from colonial houses.

If you don’t mind spending money, you can try the Cameron Highlands Resort or the Smokehouse Hotel.

Cameron Highlands Resort – Room with a View | Varun Chatterji

What to Do

Visit BOH Tea Plantation

BOH Tea plantation is famous all over the country for its vast green vistas. The 8,000-acre property also attracts tourists all over the world. This spot is the perfect destination if you want to learn more about tea. You can stroll through the vast tea fields, take a tour at its factory, and of course, have a fresh cup of tea afterwards. Make sure to arrive early to skip the crowd!

Visit the Time Museum

In Brinchang, you can find the first memorabilia museum in the country called Time Tunnel. The museum has more than 4,000 relics which are house in 8 galleries. Its displayed items range from depictions of the country’s aboriginals who used to work in tea plantations, to old-fashion barbershop items.

Time Tunnel Museum – Malaysia – Roysouza

Have dinner at You-Hoo Restaurant

You-Hoo Restaurant in Brinchang is one of the most popular establishments in the area. As the oldest restaurant in Cameron Highlands, it has become an institution. Here, you can feast at Chinese-inspired dishes, and a cold bottle of beer. Because the restaurant often gets busy, make sure to book a reservation in advance.

Go Hiking

Your trip to the Cameron Highlands would not be complete If you do not hike up Brinchang Mountain. At 2,032 feet above the ground, this is the highest peak in the area. The first trail is meant for more experienced hikers and can be completed in two hours. Prepare to be amazed by the moss-covered trees in the dense forest.

Eat Malaysian Hotpot

There is probably nothing more comforting than having traditional Malaysian hotpot in Cameron Highland’s cold weather. This sumptuous soup contains tofu, vegetables, and meat. While the broth is boiling, you can pour whichever side you prefer to the soup.

Also called steamboat, this dish is recommended to be eaten at night when the temperature gets chillier. For vegetarians, you can eat at the Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat.

Cameron Highlands Will Leave You Awestruck

The Cameron highlands will remind of you of an old English countryside. This charming town is truly one of the most enigmatic places you will visit in your life. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your sweater and head over to this breathtaking destination.