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Aug 23, 2019 | ESCAPE, Japan

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by MJ Toledo

Are you an Olympic fan? If so, Tokyo 2020 is not something you’d want to miss. This guide will tell you every single thing you need to know about it from flights, hotel bookings, tickets, and places to explore.

The Summer Olympic Games only take place every four years so it’s no wonder why people are clamoring about the Tokyo 2020 as early as now.

On July to August next year, the Olympic torch will be lit up once more to welcome the world’s best athletes in sports such as diving, basketball, swimming, track and field, and many more. If you want to attend next year’s highly anticipated games, keep on reading.

Tokyo 2020 - Stadium

Tokyo 2020 – Stadium |


Millions of people are expected to travel to Japan for the Olympics. Without question, Japan will be one of the best venues to date. It has even prepared a new airport terminal to cater to the astonishing expected amount of guests.

As early as now, you need to book rooms and flights in advance since the price is expected to go up in the next months.


The tickets to watch the games takes a while to get. Despite this, don’t be discouraged. Watching the Olympics live is something you can do. To get tickets for the games, you first have to check the schedule here

Then, figure out who the authorized dealer of your country is. For example, Olympic fans from the US can acquire their tickets through CoSport. The company also sells packages, albeit more expensive.


Similar to tickets, hotel rooms get completely booked months in advance so now is the perfect time to book your accommodation. The games will officially open on July 24 so keep that date in mind when making reservations.

Tokyo has a myriad of affordable hotels meant for every type of visitor. But because the demand is so high, establishments may rake up their prices.

Tokyo - Shinjuku District

Tokyo – Shinjuku District | Joshua

If you want to book at a luxurious hotel for the Olympics such as the Marriott Properties, including the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, you may want to reconsider your options. Top-caliber hotels are fully booked up to 10 years in advance by the International Olympic Committee.

If you are traveling on a limited budget, there are several hotels that have a friendlier price point. The Nihon Seinenkan Hotel starts its rates at $144. Some options cost below $100 per night such as the APA Hotel Shinjuku Gyoemmae and the Akasaka Granbell Hotel.

There will also be Hospitality Houses during the Tokyo 2020. This ranges from Team USA houses, which are invite-only. Guests from Holland can also check out the Holland Heineken House. Whether you are a fan or a friend of an athlete, there will be a house to welcome you.


Athletes and spectators of the Tokyo 2020 can arrive at two airports, Tokyo-Haneda (HND) and Tokyo-Narita (NRT). The bigger airport of the two is the one in Narita. However, it is located farther from the city. Haneda offers tons of long-haul flights and even shorter flights from places that are closer to the city.

Tokyo 2020 - Haneda Airport Decorated to Celebrate 1 Year to Go

Tokyo 2020 – Haneda Airport Decorated to Celebrate 1 Year to Go |

Expect the availability of flights to be tighter around the games. Many international airlines offer flights a year or 11 months in advance so be on the lookout for flights as early as now.

For example, American Airlines accept bookings 331 days in advance. All Nippon Airways Mileage Club and Air Canada accept bookings 355 days before departure. For Delta, it’s 331. Japan airlines accept bookings as early as 360 days. Of course, members of programs such as British Airways Avios, American Express, and Chase Ultimate Rewards have a wider booking option.

Don’t Forget to Explore

When watching the games in Tokyo, make sure to make the most out of your travel. Countless places and activities in the area will surely pique your interest. Have a food trip and try out all the amazing street food in Tokyo including Yakitori and Black Ice Cream. If you love adventures, you can also explore the different amusement parks in the country. Enjoy your time in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Tokyo 2020 1 Year to Go

Tokyo 2020 1 Year to Go |