Top 5 Bars in Asia 2020 Edition

Jun 1, 2020 | Asia, BIZ, ESCAPE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, TASTE

ROOM by Le Kief, Taiwan

50 Best has just released its Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2020 List. The publication intends to give the bars and their respective teams’ recognition for their hard work. It also aims to give positivity to the bar industry as establishments begin to open following the pandemic. 

Whether you want to visit whiskey joints, grand rooftop bars, or understated speakeasies, Asia offers them all. 50 Best recently released their Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2020 List to ensure that your evenings will never run dry. In these bars, you can sip away your favorite cocktail and expect a night to remember.



Also named by Time as one of the world’s greatest places, Atlas Bar boasts more than a thousand varieties of spirit, with some dating back to a century ago. The 7,000-sq. ft.  Gothic facility is impossible to miss in the Parkview Square Office Tower and seems like the perfect bar Jay Gatsby would frequent. Atlas is the brainchild of property mogul C.S. Hwang. According to him, he wanted the bar to be a center of excellence for gin, and to be a place where enthusiasts and those who are curious alike would come, learn, and enjoy the drink. 

Indulge Experimental Bistro

Taipei, Taiwan

The 10-year old bar may not be one of the oldest ones in the area, but it certainly established itself as one of the best. Indulge Experimental Bistro by Aki Wang boasts an international vibe, but once you look at its little details, you’ll realize that it celebrates the country’s heritage and produce, viewed through the unique lens of modern mixology. Its menu interacts with five elements, earth, fire, metal, wood, and mankind. When visiting, one should not miss the famous Element Wood N°2, which is a splendid mix of homemade pickled rum, pineapple sage and fresh pine, incensed pine ocean cordial, Taiwanese single malt whiskey, and soda water. 


Hong Kong

This beautiful Oaxaca-inspire cocktail bar is where you may find your favorite drink. It specializes in agave spirits such as tequila and mezcal, which was previously tricky to get a hold of. While the space itself may seem ordinary with its concrete walls and filament bulbs, it’s truly the in-depth 17-page mezcal menu that takes the cake. It may be daunting for some, but its staff is more than happy to impart knowledge about the drinks. Coa ranked 12th in the ranking last year. 

The Old Man

Hong Kong

Last year’s winner has fallen to the second spot, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less great. Offering some of the most intriguing and inventive cocktails in Asia, The Old Man brings esoteric drinks to its customers. Despite only being three years old, this bar has managed to make waves in the global drinking scene. Aside from the drinks, its most fascinating aspect may be the geometric portrait of Ernest Hemingway which was assembled from the leftover building materials of its previous build. When visiting, make sure to order the Lacto-fermented raspberry and beeswax infused bourbon which is as unique as it sounds. This establishment has also expanded into another bar named The Sea, which completes its Hemingway tribute.

Jigger & Pony


Multi-awarded bar Jigger & Pony has taken the top trophy to Asia’s Lion City. While you won’t find smoke guns and gimmicky drinks in this bar, you’ll be taken aback with its old school charm made possible by its dark wood counter that will definitely get the nod of drink fans around the globe. Customers are encouraged to enjoy a glass of vintage cocktails such as Ramos Gin Fizz or Martini. The bar staff is headed by Jerrold Khoo, who believes that customers must leave the bar happier than when they came in. This bar has moved up 33 places since the 2018 ranking.

Drink The Night Away

A bar is measured through the experience of its customers – in drinks, food, and hospitality. All bars that made it to the list have managed to get their fundamentals down to an exquisite fine art. Attracting a wide range of crowds, these bars are indeed dedicated to celebrating the greatness of Asia. See the full list of the Top 50 Best Bars Here.