5 Best Luxurious Rooftop Bars in Asia: Where View and Drinks Matter

May 1, 2019 | Asia, Escape

Style & Culture

by Conie T

Sky Bar – Thailand | Tore Bustad

If you are one of those people who enjoy rooftop bars and elegant cityscape views, consider visiting these amazing locations.

People are always obsessed with finding the best vantage points to see the city lights at night. It is this constant search that brought rooftop bars to the limelight. Aside from the magnificent views, these luxurious bars offer some of the best drinks, music, and cuisine in their cities. It is never too passe to enjoy a sip of exotic vintage wine in some of these touristy hot spots. The bars have stepped up to provide their guests with quality and memorable entertainment. But where can you find the best one?

We have collected the best rooftop bars in Asia that offers extravagant views. Before you make any vacation plans, consider having these places marked on your bucket list.

The Roof – Beirut, Lebanon

Staged at 119 meters above the sea level, The Roof in Beirut is set to amaze the world with its exotic vantage. The lively atmosphere attracts hardcore partygoers who wish to spend their evening on a rooftop bar. Being the highest rooftop bar in Beirut, this overlooks the stunning Mediterranean Sea, alongside the lovely skyline.

Keep your pace with the live DJ and modern music like EDM, jazz, and others. While you are at it, try some delicious Asian Tapas and special cocktails. The Roof is by far the best rooftop bar for a quick night out with friends.


Flair Rooftop Restaurant and Bar, Ritz-Carlton –Shanghai, China


This bar is the highest rooftop bar and restaurant in the area. It epitomizes al fresco dining by providing striking views of the Pearl Tower, The Bund, and the Hongkou Shor. Perched atop the Ritz-Carlton, the Flair never ceases to amaze visitors who are on the lookout for fun evening.

The ambiance here puts visitors in the mood to take a quick sip of tasty cocktail and enjoy delicious Asian style tapas from Japan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Never shy yourself and book your tables in advance.


Ozone Bar – Hong Kong


If you are looking for a funky yet bold spot to take your date, then this is the right place for you. Staged on the 118th floor of Ritz Carlton. Look down upon the twinkling traffic lights as you enjoy every sip of the cocktail.

It also holds a reputation for being the “highest bar in the world”. Try out their rich cuisines, such as beef burgers, smoked salmon, sashimi and sushi. Drink-wise, they have a rich selection of cocktails to choose from. Just be prepared with your budget.


Chill Skybar – Vietnam

This bar in Ho Chi Minh requires very less introduction. The place speaks for itself. Filled with a lively ambiance, the music here is exceptional with a modern twist.

This futuristic bar will never cease to amaze you with its breath-taking view and excellent atmosphere. The bartenders here are very welcoming and will cater to your needs. What better way to enjoy your cocktail, than at the Chill Skybar in Vietnam.


Aer – Mumbai, India

 The Aer in Mumbai is one of the best rooftop bars in India. Visitors can enjoy a quiet atmosphere that is void of hardcore music. But if you are into the lively ambiance, you can always switch sections with one that offers a live DJ.

If you manage to sneak in during the happy hours, you can enjoy the popular spirits offered here. Enjoy the warmth of the sunset view and let yourself loose to the epic view of the city. In Aer, the level of service does match the reputation of the city. Fun is definitely the prime topic if you manage to book a table at the Aer in Mumbai.


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