You Can Now Visit Cup Noodles Museum in Hong Kong

Apr 20, 2021 | ESCAPE, Hong Kong, Japan, NEWS, TASTE

There’s no question that Cup Noodles is one of the most iconic food brands from Asia. If you’re a fan of this instant food, you’ll enjoy the newly-opened Cup Noodles Museum in Hong Kong where you can make all your instant ramen dreams come true.

The Cup Noodles Museum in Hong Kong finally opened its doors to fans around the world last March 30. The instant ramen-themed museum is operated by Nissin Foods Group Japan. It is the first experience-based museum of the company outside Japan.

About the Museum

Located in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon, the new tourist attraction features three locations where people can know more about the production of different Nissin products. At My Cup Noodles Factory, museum visitors can design their noodles from the soup base to the toppings, and even the packaging.

Next is the Demae Iccho experience where people can make their noodles from scratch. The museum is named after a Nissin instant noodles brand that is solely produced for Hong Kong, with a staggering market share of 60 percent. Some of the most popular flavors include black garlic oil, sesame, and tonkatsu.

The museum also has a My Granola Factory where people can know more about Nissin’s new granola product. The 10,000-square museum also exhibits the life of Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods.

This is not the first time Nissin opened a facility where people can know more about iconic instant noodles. Back in 2016, they also opened the same concept facility in Hong Kong International Airport. There are also experience-based museums located in Yokohama near Tokyo, and Ikeda in Osaka Prefecture.

One of a Kind Experience

To make sure the physical distancing rule is followed, only the My Cup Noodles Factor and My Granola Factory were initially opened. The Demae Iccho Factory is set to welcome visitors in mid-April.

My Cup Noodles Factory and My Granola Factory charge $60 per 30-minute session, and Demae Iccho Factory charges $120 per 90 minutes.

Nissin’s newest experience museum is more than a place where you can have fun. It’s also where you can relive nostalgic memories of when you enjoyed the famous instant noodles.