4-Mile Bridge to Connect Two Indonesian Islands Near Singapore

Sep 30, 2019 | GOV, Indonesia, NEWS, Singapore

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Malacca Strait © Brett Kiger

In just a few years, people from Bintan can drive to Batam in just a few minutes thanks to a 4.35-mile bridge that will connect the islands in the Malacca Strait. This project is in line with President Joko Widodo’s priority on infrastructure. 

Next year, the longest sea bridge in Indonesia will finally start its construction. The bridge is set to connect Bintan and Batam Islands. Because the islands are near Singapore, it is expected to increase trade with its neighboring international trade hub. 

Infrastructure Development

Costing more than 4 trillion rupiah or $284 million, the construction is expected to be finished after 3 to 4 years before President Joko Widodo leaves his second term in office. Considering President Widodo’s movement towards infrastructure development and his $400 billion budget, the construction of the bridge came as no surprise. 

President Widodo’s push for new infrastructures is expected to create more jobs and inspire more investment opportunities in the Southeast Asian nation. Despite the large price of soft commodities, Widodo is set on connecting airports and ports across the huge archipelago to turn it into tourism and agricultural centers. 

The ministry in charge of public works has announced that the feasibility study and engineering design will be completed before the year ends.

Investment Hub

Indonesia is set to reposition Batam as a brand new manufacturing and shipping hub to draw over $60 billion worth of investment. According to Head of Batam Development Body Edy Putra Irawady, this rebranding came to catch potential opportunities that arose from the trade tensions arose between China and the US. 

Batam is the sole free trade zone of Indonesia and is the perfect place for investors who are looking for a place where they could relocate factories.

Additionally, the bridge is also set to complement Singapore’s increasing air-passenger traffic to be accommodated by the Changi Airport’s fifth terminal which is currently in construction. The airport also offers transport connections to Bintan Island. 

The bridge is also set to decrease logistics cost and increase tourism by improving the connectivity in the area. President Widodo’s administration is even assessing if it is a good idea to connect Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia.