The Rise of Kim! Meet Indonesia’s Pop Sensation

Jun 25, 2021 | Indonesia, NEWS, POP

If there’s one thing Gen-Z is known for, it’s maximizing their talent and use of social media in a way that’s never been done before, and Indonesian talent Kim! is no exception. After joining The Voice Kids, the emerging sensation has been on top of her career.

Whether you want to be treated to dreamy songs that remind you of summer, or you want to discover a new artist in lieu of listening to familiar pop songs, Kim! will definitely be your jam. The rising Indonesian pop singer has been gaining traction on the internet thanks to her viral hit “Cute Little Savage.”

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With Kim!, Anything’s Possible

The 15-year old star has truly come a long way after joining the Indonesian version of The Voice Kids. From a little voice jamming to Louis Tomlinson’s “Back to You” and Portugal’s “Feel It Still,” the teen sensation has made a name for herself and has garnered more than a hundred thousand fans on Instagram. 

With her unmistakable dreamy 90’s vibe, Kim! has become a social media darling. Coupled with her Camila Cabello-Esque deep voice and vision for her career, she’s truly going places. 

“I’m 14 and still figuring out my way into the world. Although, one thing I’m certain about is my love for music and performing. Music has always been there for me my whole life. With singing, I can express myself and what I feel about things. I sing when I’m sad, happy, angry; it’s just therapeutic for me. I love performing on the stage, I love what I can do with my voice and somehow people connect with that. I love the fact that I can escape with music,” she shared with Ones to Watch. 

Kim! After The Voice Kids

Upon her runner-up placement in The Voice Kids Indonesia, the singer released her debut single entitled “Shine.” Lately, she has been busy writing songs and reviving her YouTube channel, where she posts covers of popular songs like “Heartbreak Anniversary.” The said video has garnered close to 25,000 views. 

Much to her fans’ delight, Kim! also uploaded a cover of “Driver’s License” on her Instagram with her fellow The Voice Kids Alumna, Anggis Devaki.

New Singles

Last month, Kim! released a new song entitled “Cute Little Savage.” She also kicked off June with another single entitled “Care 4 U.” The music video is inspired by her signature retro 90’s aesthetic, and she specifically drew inspiration from the make-up scene in Clueless.   

Instead of hiring a made lead for her video, she simply wore a fake mustache and took on the role. This made the teenage crush anthem even more adorable. 

“I hope that the viewers can relate to this video as much as I do with their own life experiences. I can’t be a “Cute Little Savage” all the time. I am still a girl.”


The singer looks up to fellow Asian viral sensation Beabadoobee, who rose to fame thanks to her songs “Coffee” and “Worth it.” She also idolizes Griff who sang “Black Hole.”  

“I think that they’re both just really incredible artists and very inspiring with their music and style. It also means a lot to me that they’re female Asian representatives in the music industry and it just makes me so glad.”

What’s Next for Kim!?

Kim! is bound to release more songs, including “All My Girls” which will be out on June 25. The highly-anticipated single proves that feminism can be both powerful and fun. Her team is also preparing for her debut album that is set to be released before the end of the year.  

Despite the massive success written in the stars for Kim!, she still personifies every modern teenager that’s not afraid to take risks and share her passion – whether it’s coloring her hair a vibrant blue or pink shade, or making playlists on Spotify, it’s clear that Kim! doesn’t let the spotlight bother her despite her young age.