A Singapore Cafe Now Serves Cute Japan Airlines Inflight Meals

Jan 25, 2021 | ESCAPE, Japan, NEWS, Singapore, TASTE

People miss the aviation experience now more than ever. But just because you couldn’t fly anywhere does not mean you can’t treat yourself to tasty inflight meals even though you’re on the ground.

If you’re a fan of Japanese food and culture, you will love Japan Rail Cafe. This travel-themed restaurant based in Singapore recently teamed up with Japan Airlines to serve inflight meals from January 2 to 13.

About the Food

Only 600 meals will be available so it comes out to around 20 served meals per day. Each order will cost approximately $17, and customers can choose from options like Chicken Takiawase Tamago, and Salmon Miso Yaki. All food will be prepared by the airline inflight catering company in Singapore. 

Every meal will also be served with a side dish, Signature earl grey chiffon cake, chilled udon noodles, and a choice of Japan Rail Café’s drop coffee, citrus green tea, or cold brew. Diners can also switch up their drink and enjoy a $2 discount on non-alcoholic drinks from the café’s menu. 

For those who want to explore other food in the café aside from the inflight meals, the cakes, Kaisen Avocado Don, and Sakura soda are the most recommended items from reviews.

Freebies for Diners

For every order of the inflight meal, customers can enjoy up to 28% off their next flight to Japan via Japan Airlines. To sweeten the deal even more, diners can also get a chance to enter a Grand Lucky draw where two winners will win a JR East Pass. 

Each purchase of the in-flight meal equals one raffle entry. But to become an eligible participant, diners must be a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident. The winners will be contacted in February 2021.

More about the Collaboration

On January 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, and 31, Japan Airlines Singapore-based cabin attendants will be at the café for a meet and greet. They will also be sharing the art of furoshiki-wrapping and origami.

While inflight meals are infamous for not being the tastiest, Japan Airline’s food is anything but that. Coupled with Japan Rail Café’s unique ambiance, customers will surely feel as if they traveled to one of their favorite destinations in just a single bite.