Best Cities in Asia for Millennials

Jul 7, 2019 | Asia, BIZ, China, Japan

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Shibuya Station – Japan | Toshihiro Gamo

If you are looking for a new place to live with great culture and a wide array of high-paying job opportunities, keep on reading.

Many people in their 20s and 30s are making the bold move to pack their bags and live somewhere new. However, finding the right place for you can be stressful. With so many things to consider such as job opportunities, public transportation, and cost of housing, you can get overwhelmed. Here’s a guide to help you find your new home.

What to Consider

Employment Rate

To have a great quality of life, you have to consider employment prospects in a certain city. Examining unemployment rates will give you a picture of how its professionals, fresh graduates, and entrepreneurs are doing.

However, looking at unemployment figures is not enough. You should also pay attention to wage quality among genders, as well as the GDP growth.

Cost of Living

Millennials are burdened by tons of financial worries, and rent is one of the major things they are worried about. Since millennials look at the price tag of their purchases and rent, assessing how the rent adds up to the cost of living is essential. The cost of housing in a certain city will play an integral part in your day to day life.

Entertainment and Other Factors

There are many factors that raise the quality of life which is hard to measure. Looking at the healthcare, safety, child mortality, pollution index, and even cost of better is essential.  You may not realize it, but these things are key factors that contribute to your happiness.

Here are the top cities in Asia that offer more than an amazing cultural scene, but also a great foundation for your career, the nightlife and social scene is just a bonus.


With its low cost of living and housing, Guangzhou is a standout. Although the city offers a great scene for millennials, especially Westerners, its high pollution index is quite alarming. If you choose to live here, you’ll be surprised at how cheap its beer is – only less than $2 a pint. 

Guangzhou, China - Mathias Apitz

Guangzhou, China | Mathias Apitz

Hong Kong

Although the high cost of rent might put a dent in your paycheck, Hong Kong is still a place worth considering. This vibrant city is one of the continent’s most promising economic hubs, offering countless employment opportunities. If you’re worried about rent, the low cost of living will make up for it.

Hong Kong is also home to many startups which is a testament that the city is a great training ground for budding entrepreneurs. Additionally, it has a high life expectancy which reaches 84.2 years, and a 0.27% child mortality rate.

However, the average cost of one pint of beer in Hong Kong is $12.19 – a far cry from Guangzhou’s $1.22.


If you want to build your career, Singapore is the place to be. This booming city has a low gender wage gap and unemployment rate. This will make it easier for you to find high-paying jobs. Aside from its career opportunities, Singapore also boasts a diverse language. This melting pot of cultures is also a global finance and culture hub.


The capital city of Japan boasts more than high-speed trains and amazing local culture. With a great balance of the cost of living, economy, and living environments, Tokyo is a great place to move to. This country has a low unemployment rate and its high GDP is also worth nothing.

Additionally, Tokyo’s rent cost is also low compared to other cities. With great safety and low pollution, the lively city will surely raise your quality of living.

Your Future is in Asia

If you are interested in living abroad, the best time to move is now. With the high demand in various job markets, and good quality of life in the places mentions above, you will absolutely love calling Asia your new home.