Cure Aqua Gel: Japan’s Number One Exfoliator

Jan 5, 2020 | BEAUTY, BIZ, Japan

The award-winning exfoliator skincare has changed lives around the world, letting people achieve their ultimate skin goals

Cure Aqua Gel has caused quite a splash in the skincare scene, not only proving to be a staple product in Japan but also the rest of the world. The remarkable exfoliator collects dead skin cells on the skin and removes it, creating a beautiful and soft glow you never could have dreamed could be achieved. And don’t think this baby’s just for your face too. You can spread a little love to your hands, elbow and neck. The product lasts for an average of four months. Four months of perfect skin? Sign me up.

Most exfoliating products use chemical peeling with strong acids to shed the skin cells, which proves to be ultimately harmful to the skin. Cure uses a color-free, fragrance-free and preservative-free formula that prevents oxidation through activated hydrogen. The product is safe and effective, making it widely loved from around the globe. In fact, a bottle of Cure Aqua Gel gets sold every 4.5 seconds.

Though it is an exfoliator, the product itself is used as a peel. This may seem inadequate for that exfoliating experience but peels have proven to be a gentler method of exfoliation as opposed to scrubs and creams which can be too rough on the skin. The product is made with aloe vera, rosemary, ginkgo and glycerin— all ingredients with renownedly gentle and beneficial properties. And 91% of it is water! Saying that this is a miracle product is putting it lightly.

Cure’s Undeniable Impact:

The creators of the famous Cure Aqua Gel, known as Toyo Life Service Co. Ltd., won the “Brand of the Year Award” in November of 2019 for the third year in a row at the World Branding Awards. The product itself was invented by Takashi Okuno, who had this vision from his early days when he realized that all humans need is salt and water. This led to the discovery of miracle water, a substance that can only be located in five places in the world. Okuno dedicated his time trying to replicate this formula, and with that, Cure Aqua Gel was born.

Koji Kamoda, CEO of Toyo Life Service Co. Ltd., received the award on behalf of the company and had this to say:

“We are honored to once again be the recipient of the World Branding Awards. My company has worked tirelessly to create, market and produce skincare products with the most advanced technology and finest ingredients.”

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