Japanese Apartment-Style Hotel Mimaru Opens in Ginza

Dec 2, 2019 | ESCAPE, Japan

by MJ Toledo
An apartment-style hotel recently opened its doors to the public in the Ginza area of Tokyo. The hotel boasts large rooms with modern Japanese design for families to enjoy. Know more about this unique hotel.

When you think of Japan’s hotels, sprawling space may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, Hotel Mimaru is set to change that. A venture by Cosmos Hotel Management Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Daiwa House Group, the large hotel offers apartment-style rooms that have its own large sleeping space, kitchen, as well as dining rooms.

According to the company, they are planning to triple the rooms that can accommodate more people by the end of March 22. 

“The key to success in creating hotels that can attract more customers is to change marketing strategies,” stated a company spokesperson. The company’s vision is in accordance with Japan’s goal to welcome more than 40 million visitors for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Hotel Mimaru is geared towards travelers who want to prioritize comfort and relaxation in their home away from home. The hotel chain has opened 12 hotels since February of last year in Kyoto and Tokyo. This amounts to a whopping number of 548 guest rooms. The hotel has been so successful that three locations have been ranked by international travelers among the “Best Hotels in Japan in 2019.”

New Hotel

The incredible hotel also has a strategic location. It can easily be accessed from eight stations on five railway lines. It is also quite close to the JR Tokyo Station, as well as popular tourist attractions such as the Ginza district. 

The said rooms offer 37 guest rooms which measure 40-square meters or 60-square meters each. The rooms can accommodate more than four and six people, respectively. Because of this, it has become a hotspot not only among families but also among large groups of friends who want to explore Japan together. 

Many tourists go to Japan with their family of friends. In 2014, around 25.9% came with their relatives and family members, and around 15.9% came with friends. In 2018, the number rose to 31.7% and 21.4%, respectively. However, the number of people who went to the country with colleagues decreased.

The rooms are priced at 30,000 yen or around $275 per night, but the cost can be cut down to the cost per person. Approximately 90% of the hotel guests are foreigners from Southeast Asia and Taiwan.


The hotel is the first apartment hotel whose design was supervised by Natsumikumi, a brand that has participated in the prestigious “Maison & Objet” design trade fair in Paris. The company has participated in the events for architecture and lifestyle culture, interior design, and home decode thrice, and plans to join once more early next year.

It has altered the design of traditional Japanese prints and patterns for the papers that are used in the “fusuma” or sliding doors and wall décor. Natsumikumi has also developed patterns to be used for stationeries, kimonos, and interior fabrics.

The rooms stand out because of its dark wood and blue combination which screams Japanese style coupled with luxury. The entrance alone is set to wow the guests and encourage them to stay in the hotel for medium to long term.

Natsumikumi was only started in 2008 but has already established an esteemed name for itself in just over a decade. The company is known for its wise use of its existing assets, which include buildings and lands to give locals and tourists improved streets and spaces.

Because of its take on modern architecture, the brand has increasingly become popular worldwide. They have even developed cushion covers which were introduced in a French Interior Magazine, Marie Claire Ideas.