EXO’s Kai Launches Exclusive Capsule Collection with Gucci

Apr 17, 2021 | Europe, Korea, NEWS, POP, STYLE

Kai of K-pop group EXO made history as the first Korean celebrity to release his collection with fashion powerhouse Gucci. This special capsule collaboration adds a surprising element to Gucci’s classic vibe.

EXO’s Kai is no longer just a music icon. The 26-year old musician has now cemented his name in the fashion industry with his Gucci collaboration.

About the Collaboration

Alessandro Michele of Gucci was inspired by Kai’s interest in teddy bears, and while a fashion house releasing the teddy bear as a motif is surprising, they made it work by fusing it with Gucci’s whimsy signature vibe. The teddy bear is a nostalgic element to the collection, especially for those who grew up loving the toy.

Although Kai is the first Korean to release a collaboration with Gucci, the partnership did not come as a surprise considering the k-pop star has already been the face of Gucci for the last two years.

“I am incredibly grateful. It’s not easy to have a collection with your name. It’s a huge opportunity and an act of fortune, so I’m at a loss of words to describe how happy I am that it came to me,” Kai shared.

The campaign was shot on the streets of Seoul by Min Hyunwoo, a South Korean photographer, and film director Woogie Kim worked on the video campaign.

The Campaign

The eye-catching video campaign shows Kai dressed in pieces from his new collection, accompanied by a huge teddy bear as he buys balloons, goes for a drive, and meets up with his friends. The campaign ends with him ending the day with the rest of his teddy bears.

Gucci also tapped pop artist Im Jibin, who is famous for his bear-shaped installation, Bear Balloon. The fashion brand commissioned two giant Bear Balloons by Im wearing a blue bow tie. The bears also have the “Hello” word on their faces.

The collection will be released on April 15, and will also feature ready-to-wear accessories for men and women including small leather goods, sneakers, handbags, hats, and t-shirts – all adorned with an adorable teddy bear. Without question, the products will surely be loved by EXO fans all over the world.