Live your K-Pop Fantasy: 5G Opens World of Possibility

Jan 12, 2020 | Korea, NEWS, POP, TECH

With AR Live, dance along to your favorite K-pop idols in real-time with 5G’s fast and reliable internet speed bringing a wonderful superstar experience

K-pop music never fails to bring fun and excitement to its fans with its bouncy music and amazing choreography. Take that stimulating experience and mix it in with quick internet and you got a sensational experience in the works.

South Korea’s mobile carriers have been enjoying the perks of 5G internet for some time now and the benefits continue to expand with the government allocating 20 billion won towards its maintenance and growth. The number of 5G users in South Korea reached 4 million in December of 2019, an understandable number given the advantages of the service. But what makes it boom with popularity is its effect on digital Korean pop media.

Centers around Gwanghwamun Square located in Seoul provide fans with the opportunity to dance along to k-pop videos in an interactive concert using 5G technology with the help of an augmented reality service created by South Korea’s top telecom operators, LG Uplus.

Virtuality to Reality:

LG Uplus is investing 9.8 billion won to create a transformative experience with the seamless internet of 5G and the entertainment industry that South Korea knows and loves. With the augmented reality application, fans may learn and copy the dance moves of their favorite k-pop videos and be a part of the enjoyable affair.

The app is AR Live and it contains a wide collection of augmented reality content allowing users to visualize pre-recorded movements and holographic silhouettes to aid in the replication of the moves. Users may also record themselves dancing with their favorite artists. The 5G technology ensures a smooth integration in the app providing lower latency and a massive connection density.

Cha Yun-Jae, the company’s AR content team manager, stated that users may also utilize the app not only for k-pop but also for doing home workouts. Images can be rotated 360 degrees for users to get the exact movements down pat, receiving an all-around reliable and accurate experience.

With 5G, a world of opportunity comes up to fuel the love for art and the media in a way that brings convenience and dependability to the table.