Which Asian Films Will Win in the Next Oscars?

Nov 19, 2019 | AA, ART, India, Korea, Malaysia, POP

by MJ Toledo

M For Malaysia Documentary

Around 25 films have been selected by the 5th annual Asian World Film Festival to qualify for the Best International Film competition at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. Get to know some of these films below.

Asian cinema is a treasure trove of spectacular movies. Unfortunately, many films don’t get the international acclaim that it deserves. In hopes of increasing Asian representation in the film industry, 25 films have been selected to qualify for the International Feature Film category in the 92nd Oscars. Get to know some of the films that have been selected below.

Parasite, South Korea

One of the most talked-about international films of today, Parasite is a leading contender in the next Oscars. According to critics, it may even break the country’s Oscar dry spell. Directed by Bong Joon-Ho, the dark thriller comedy had grossed $11.3 million, making it one of the highest-grossing foreign-language films in the US.

The film is a satiric discussion between the wealth gap in the country. It centers on Ki-Taek and his family, who are living without enough finances. Then, a business proposition presents them with an opportunity to get in contact with an affluent family. One thing is for sure, Parasite is one of the most mind-twisting and unexpected movies of the year.

M for Malaysia, Malaysia

A film that vividly showed the power of the citizens, M for Malaysia documented the country’s General Elections in 2018, and the overthrowing of one of the world’s longest-ruling governments.

The nation has suffered enough from greed under a corrupt party for more than six decades. It turns out, their hope is a 92-year-old former minister, Mahathir Mohamad. The documentary is co-directed by Mohamad’s granddaughter, Ineza Roussille. The film follows the leader as he builds ties with political rivals he once put to jail in an effort to undo his wrongdoings and give back freedom the Malaysian people deserve.

Gully Boy, India

Gully Boy tells the story of an up and coming rapper from Mumbai. The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival early this year. It stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, two of the biggest stars in Bollywood, who were inspired by the plight of Mumbai rappers Naezy and Divine. The film already grossed $37 million worldwide. 

According to filmmaker and veteran actress Aparna Sen, the film’s energy was very infectious and the people at Oscars thought that it would speak to a larger audience. The “gully” or street rappers of India are popular for their verses that discuss caste, class, and poverty.

Which Film Are You Rooting for?

Aside from the three films mentioned above, you should also watch out for other films such as Weathering with You from Japan, Murine from Lebanon, Ne Zhu from China, Furie from Vietnam, and Life of Music from Cambodia, among many others.

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