Purple Carrot and Oisix Launch 100% Plant-Based Meal Kits in Japan

Nov 15, 2019 | GREEN, Japan, NEWS, TASTE

Purple Carrot – Launch in Japan ©Purple Carrot

Will flexitarian and plant-based meal kits gain more traction in Japan once companies like Purple Carrot take root in the country?

The tide of people shifting to flexitarian in Japan is rising. It is not surprising that companies like Purple Carrot are going into high gear to respond to the consistently rising need for plant-based meal kits.

Meal kits are convenient, easy to prepare, and shave off hours off of people’s workload every week in preparing their daily meals. Purple Carrot is the only 100% plant-based meal kit company in Japan right now, and it has joined Oisix ra daichi Inc. (Japan’s largest and most popular organic food delivery service) to serve up plant-based goodness to the Japanese this year and beyond.

From US to Japan

Purple Carrot is a US-based company that endeavors to bring flexitarian menus closer to people, in an effort to introduce healthier meals to homes across the US, and now, in Japan.

Purple Carrot’s founder and CEO, Andy Levitt, says that he started Purple Carrot to let millions of other people discover how “eating delicious, plant-based meals, even if it’s just a couple of times a week, can improve the overall quality of your life.”

In Japan, Purple Carrot will be serving up its signature meal kits through Oisix’s website. Japanese customers will be able to order online and each meal kit only requires an average of 20 minutes to prepare and cook.

It’s been said that Purple Carrot will be introducing some staples and favorites from the US, but these will be reengineered to fit Japan’s unique flavor profile. Some examples of meal kits are: “Tofu Bibimbap with Komatsuna, Leek and Carrot,” and “Spicy Chickpea Coconut Curry.”

Oisix’s Role

According to Kohey Takashima, the founder and CEO of Oisix, Purple Carrot’s launch in Japan “represents an exciting step in our growth trajectory to bring the first plant-based meal kits to Japan.”

Oisix is considered a giant and pioneer in this industry, having set up its organic meal delivery service in the country in 2011. Oisix is responsible for bringing trendy food items like cauliflower rice to Japanese consumers. Previously, Oisix focused on its electronic supermarket operations, which was established previously in June 2000.