Singapore: Airport Jewel Changi Stands Pretty and Tall

May 6, 2019 | Escape, News, Singapore

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Singapore Airport | Bert Knottenbeld

Jewel Changi Airport takes the center stage as the Best in Layovers


People on transit may not complain anymore of their long waiting times because Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore boasts countless things to entertain them.

The $1.3 billion project connects Changi Airport’s three of four terminals and is targeted to increase the number of people going to the country for both visits and stopovers.

Media and travelers alike waited four years for the grandiose airport to open its doors. It features a steel and glass exterior and measures 1.46 million square feet. The 10-story building – five on top and five in the basement, was designed by architect Moshe Safdie.

The “jewel” of the area is the HSBC Rain Vortex, a 40-meter-tall waterfall which pours over through a massive oculus. It is now considered as the tallest indoor waterfalls in the world.

The new structure has over 280 shops and restaurants which allow passengers to shop and eat to their heart’s content. However, that’s not all the Jewel offers. It also gives people a refreshing view thanks to its 100,000 shrubs and 2,000 trees which were sourced in numerous countries such as the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, and China.



Before it was opened to the public, it had a six-day free public preview where it attracted nearly half a million Singaporean residents.

The Jewel, which is now all over Asia news, is located where the old open-air car parking used to be. Twenty-six airlines also offer check-in at the new area including Silk Air, Qantas, Scoot, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines. This accounts for around 60% of departing flights from the airport. More airlines are planning to come on board with the check-in on the coming months.

However, people who are passengers of airlines which do not offer check-in in Jewel can still drop their bags at the complex’s designated area. After they are done eating, shopping, and relaxing, they can pick up their bags to check-in for their flight.

Truly, the best airport in the world is now better.

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