From YouTube to Mainstream: Bretman Rock Stars in MTV’s Reality Show

Feb 26, 2021 | CULTURE, NEWS, Philippines, POP, US

From cooking sweet Filipino spaghetti and Igado, to opening out about his dad, Following Bretman Rock on MTV paints a realistic picture of Filipino influencer Bretman Rock. This binge-worthy show is the perfect entertainment for those who want to get to know the Hawaiian-based baddie.

There’s no influencer quite like Philippines-born singer/songwriter/actor/actress/athlete/activist / a scientist on the mother***ing side/the star of the crystal of the dayayayyayaayy/and a coconut water connoisseur (as he would put it) – Bretman Rock. 

The YouTube vlogger and beauty sensation just signed with MTV for his show “Following Bretman Rock.” The first episode aired on February 8 on MTV’s YouTube channel. 

“Somehow I was able to finesse MTV and the world into giving me a reality show. It’s honestly something that I’ve always wanted. I remember being a kid and pretending like that I was in Big Brother and skipping over my cartoon phase and going straight into reality TV,” said the influencer, adding that he thinks the show is very entertaining and extra.

Bretman’s family moved to Hawaii from Cagayan, Philippines when he was only 8 years old. 

The series started to film late last year in Hawaii, Rock’s home. Bretman shared that the shoot presented challenges because of the pandemic regulations. 

“We had to get tested every day. My nose doesn’t even belong to me anymore.”

About the Show

Following Bretman rock does not only highlight Bretman’s extravagant life, but also his bond with the people closest to him. 

“I really would not have what I have today without their support. So it just came naturally to me to bring my family into my workspace or into this thing that I work hard for,” he shared. 

The reality show paints a realistic look at the life of the influencer, who is famous for his make-up videos and funny skits. The show also stars his mother Mercy, his sister Princess Mae and her daughter Cleo, his cousin and assistant Miss K, and his longtime friend Larry. 

In the first episode, Miss K shared how her role as Bretman’s assistance came to be. 

“[It was] me traveling around the world for him and I noticed my bank account was going negative and I’m just like Bret, next time you want me to come, you gotta pay me,” she said. 

Larry, who Bretman dubs as “the best companion – like a dog,” also shares how Bretman was there for him even when he became successful.

Bretman’s Family

Meanwhile, Princess, who has also grown her Instagram following, also opens up with Bretman about their hard family life, as well as the sufferings their mother went through just to support them. 

One of the most memorable scenes from the first episode is when Bretman cooked Filipino Spaghetti and Igado, which is his mom’s specialty. Princess and Bretman even invited their mom to try the dishes and she ended up loving the spaghetti. 

While having dinner, the show took a sentimental turn as their mom shared how she would wake up at the crack of dawn to head over to the market to sell vegetables so she would have money to support Bretman and Princess. 

“I know that there are so many immigrants that could relate with this show. There are so many single mothers that could relate to my mom. There’s so many gay Filipino kids that could relate and finally see themselves on TV. I think that’s really more than what I could have wished for the show to represent. I just want people to feel seen,” said the 22-year-old star.  

The first episode features the stars of the show living in a beautiful beach house while Bretman’s new house got fixed. Larry also encouraged the team to go horseback riding.

A “Real” Reality Show

Bretman’s unapologetic authenticity truly shines through in this reality TV show. According to Bretman, he and his family did not have a say in the editing and he would be seeing each episode at the same time as other people.