Amazing Bamboo Products You Can Add Now to Green Living

Feb 26, 2021 | Asia, BIZ, GREEN

Bamboo Forrest

One of the most important plants in Asian culture and tradition, bamboo has been used as a resource for many centuries. As natural timber trees are slowly being depleted, bamboo proves to be a viable alternative for your favorite commercial products. 

Part of the Gramineae family of tall and tree-like grass, bamboo is mostly found in subtropical and tropical areas, and regions with mild temperatures. Because of its high concentration in South East and Central Asia, it has been used in different ways as an alternative to plastics and other materials. 


Made by Filipino-American entrepreneur Bryan Benitez McClelland, the Bambike will surely draw stares from the crowd.  The frames of the bike are made out of this natural resource. It started to gain traction in 2014 when it was used for ecological bike tours in Manila’s most historic area, Intramuros. The product is crafted by trained builders from Gawad Kalinga, a community-based development organization for the poor. Without question, it’s one of the coolest bikes on the planet.  


The first-ever surfboards used by the locals in the Pacific region were made from wood so using bamboo as the material for surfboards is a no-brainer. Shaper Gary Young has been manufacturing surfboards made from bamboo since the 1970s. According to him, one layer of this material is as strong as a layer of 4-ounce unidirectional fiberglass. These eco-friendly boards are laminated with epoxy to ensure no water seeps in.  If you love sports, this is truly perfect for you. 


Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems today. Thankfully, Thailand came up with a great solution for this global issue –packaging made from bamboo mixed with cassava. Since both crops are common in the country, this takeaway packaging is affordable. Soon, it may start totally replacing plastic bags and boxes made of Styrofoam. Since the formula for this product is simple, it can be adapted into other types of packaging for furniture and even mobile phones. 


The ultimate way to elevate your OOTDs is here. Meet the Ibi, the coolest shoe made with no new plastic.   You may not think about it much but your favorite pair of sneakers generates 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from the energy and materials used to make it. Cariuma has found a way to break through from this harmful method by switching the material for the shoe and simplifying its design. Not only are these sneakers carbon neutral, it’s also very stylish and affordable. 

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Want a fancy drink for the night? Just grab a bottle of bamboo liqueur from Sichuan province, China. In the absence of a trusty oak barrel, its maker Chen Chao used bamboo trunks to age his drinks well. This unique method brings a unique aroma to the drink, as well as medical benefits. During the aging process, the liqueur mixes with the flavone and the sap of the plant. This makes way for its detoxifying effect. It’s also good for the lungs. 

Taxi and Cars

If you’re not a fan of bikes, we’ve got something else for you. In Tabontabon, Philippines, locals have taken bamboo transportation to new heights through their bamboo taxis. The vehicle was the brainchild of the city mayor who felt the need to lessen motorcycle accidents caused by cramming passengers. This cheap and practical alternative to transportation is made of 90 percent bamboo and runs on a gallon of coconut biodiesel for eight hours. It can accommodate up to 20 people. How cool is that? 

Do You Already Have a Bamboo Product?

It seems as if thousands of products can be made using this magnificent plant. Whether it’s household items, clothing, and vehicles, bamboo keeps on surprising us with its endless potential. Do you think bamboo will make a major mark in the US and Europe?