Get to Know Quibi, the Hottest Binge-Watching App Today

Apr 6, 2020 | BIZ, POP, TECH, Trending, US

by MJ Toledo

An all-mobile streaming app? Count me in! Quibi is the newest app to serve people on-the-go who can’t be bothered whipping out their laptops or TV to watch a show. Here’s everything you need to know about the app you’re destined to love. 

Streaming services are now popping up left and right, but there’s one newcomer that’s about to change the game. Specifically designed for mobile devices, Quibi, short for “quick bites,” is the first streaming service of its kind. Set to launch on April 6, the new streaming service offers a wide selection of content that is built specifically for binge-watching on your phone. 

Founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg, and tech veteran Meg Whitman, it’s CEO, the game-changing app raised $1 billion in funding in 2018 from investors including Alibaba Group, Walt Disney Company, and Sony Pictures, among many others.

The engaging content on Quibi can be viewed both in high-quality portrait and landscape mode. Despite being shown on a small screen, you can expect no compromise on the storytelling quality. Its content is created by A-list celebrities and talents including Jennifer Lopez, LeBron James, Queen Latifah, Chrissy Teigen, Sophie Turner, and many more. 

Each episode of Quibi does not exceed 10 minutes, which makes it the best app to whip out on in-between moments as you are waiting for an Uber, or riding the train. With many lives at pause due to social distancing, Quibi offers a new form of entertainment because truth be told, who hasn’t been on their phone lately? 

The app is set to have close to 175 shows and movies, with new episodes releasing daily. The content will fall on three categories which include unscripted reality shows and documentaries, movies in chapters or its serialized short films, and daily essentials which offers a one of a kind look at the news. On its launch, it will have a selection of 50 shows. Here’s where to start.

Chrissy’s Court

Chrissy Teigen’s new series Chrissy’s Court will make you forget all the judges you ever knew. On this show, the model and celebrity puts her judgment on small claims court cases – wearing statement jewelry and in full glam, no less. Airing on April 6, the highly-anticipated show will make you laugh out loud. 

The legal basis and the rulings of the show are unclear, but the interesting and bizarre cases are real. Although it follows the same format as Judge Judy, its satirical appeal is unlike any other. On the show, Chrissy is joined by her mom, Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen who will play the bailiff.

Let’s Go Atsuko!

Hosted by Japanese comedian Atsuko Okatsuka, Let’s Go Atsuko! is a show you should not miss on Quibi. Here, the game master will lead two contestants through a surreal universe inside her grandma’s fridge. The contestants tell Atsuko what they fear and love and these will be used to create tailor-made challenges that will test their strategy and their “wokeness.” Eight episodes of the show will be aired on Quibi. 

Okatsuka also hosts a podcast of the same title. She is famous for using her comedic talent as a platform for American viewers to have a Japanese experience.

Thanks a Million

Coming to a phone near you is Thanks a Million produced by pop royalty Jennifer Lopez herself. The show banks on the idea that if you are grateful for someone, they should know about it. 

In the tear-jerking show, people give thanks through a whopping $100,000. However, the recipient should give $50,000 of their fortune to someone who they are grateful for. Episodes feature celebrities like the J.Lo herself, Kristen Bell, Kevin Hart, Karlie Kloss, and Nick Jonas.


This show is inspired by the original MTV show Punk’d, where Ashton Kutcher staged pranks on celebrities. Quibi’s version is hosted by Chance the Rapper. Here, he sets up elaborate pranks on Liza Koshy, Adam DeVine, Sabrina Carpenter, and other celebrities. Although it’s shorter than the original version, it’s no less fun.

Ready for Quibi?

You can finally set your TV aside because Quibi is set to transform the way people consume content. People spend hours on their phone each day and app is banking on this statistic that is expected to grow. To lower the financial investment in these tough times, the star-packed streaming service is offering a 90-day free trial for consumers.