The Australian Firefighters Calendar: Proving Service Can be Sexy

Nov 22, 2019 | Australia, GOV, GREEN, POP, Trending

The boys are at it again, this time combating prevalent social issues and making a difference in society through their hearts (and bodies)

 Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the sexy Australian firemen supporting local charities? 

Expect a landslide of hunky charity work in 2020 as the Australian Firefighters Calendar return to aid with several social issues, and the one at the helm has to do with native rescue and therapy animals. As a special treat, the calendar will have six editions, one of them featuring the hottest of France and Germany’s firefighters with the cutest of rescue farm animals and pets. The only thing sexier than seeing attractive, muscular men cuddled up with tiny animals is their resolve to provide a better living for them.

Since 1993, firefighters from Australia’s many facets of urban and rural forces have been coming together in a resolve to create this iconic calendar. 27 years and counting, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised over $3 million from multiple charities and organization work. Every year, the men come together and raise funds to assist in new and existing social work in an effort to spread awareness on various reliefs. 

A Deeper Dive: So Many Contributions, So Little Abs

The Australian Firefighters Calendar works with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, a foundation that is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured native animals for over 70 years. When they are not helping injured animals, they provide funds for Pets of the Homeless. Pets of the Homeless is an organization that feeds the pets of homeless people and provides housing for any animals that cannot be taken care of by their owners due to unfortunate circumstances. 

In addition to pet care, the calendar supports Healing Hooves, an organization that helps children battling with Asperger’s and autism and elder people with dementia and Alzheimers, as well as, veterans suffering from PTSD. Additionally, they are going to be supporting Down Syndrome South Australia, an institution that helps people with down syndrome get out of their shell by providing them with opportunities for growth and learning. The CEO of Down Syndrome South Australia, Nicholas Mihalaras, happily announced:

“This donation will keep this vital disability service running. We really appreciate their support, they’re a fantastic group of guys.”

Catch these hunks on Australia’s news program, A Current Affair and take a gander at these men’s contributions in a segmented series bound to make you gush for days. 

Established in 1993, The Australian Firefighters Calendar is distributed across the globe and raises critical funds for charities. For more information about the 2020 calendar and charities they support, visit and follow them on Facebook.