This Smart AI Litter Box Monitors Cat’s Health Thru Waste

Mar 10, 2020 | BIZ, GREEN, Taiwan, TECH

by MJ Toledo

If you love your cats and want to be better at assessing their health, the LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box may be just the thing you need. This technological breakthrough will help identify their health problems early by monitoring thru waste.

Many people treat their cats as family, and there’s nothing more important than keeping your baby safe. If you want to take the extra mile in spoiling your kitty, LuluPet has the perfect product for you. Introduced in the Consumer Technology Association or CES, the smart kitty litter box is equipped with artificial intelligence to examine your cat’s health through urine and stool.

This technological breakthrough allows owners to give their felines early treatment for illnesses that may go undetected otherwise. The litter box can also detect which waste is from which kitty if you have more than one cat. 

“It can monitor and analyze the cats’ health data through the cats’ stool image, weight change, and excretory behaviors and notifies the owner of any abnormal activities,” stated LuluPet, adding that this device will allow cats to live a healthier life. 

How it Works

The extraordinary semi-enclosed litter box is unlike any other. After the cat walks into it, the data is sent to the app of the owner. Adding to its convenience is its compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. This way, you can easily ask whether or not your cats have relieved themselves yet. Aside from these features, the product can also weigh your cat to determine if they need more water, food, or if they need to lose weight. 

Although it’s not the first product of its kind and not even the only smart litter box presented at CES, other products focus simply on automatic cleanup of the deposits of your pet and its resulting odor. The Lulupet stands out because of its revolutionary features. It has a built-in camera which owners can monitor “Live”, with additional infrared and weight sensor features.

Spoil Your Cat

Because cats are not the most straightforward creatures to show when they are not feeling well, it’s sometimes impossible to determine whether or not they are suffering from an illness. But with this smart litter box, you can gain much-needed health information and proper health diagnosis to enhance your cat’s well-being. The product is set to go on sale on Amazon sometime in March. It costs $149.